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  1. Hi James, I'm one of the engineers who worked on animations for Vectorworks 2020. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention! I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we are indeed seeing your issues in animation objects that have been created from saved views. The good news is that animation objects created from paths, as well as orbits and spins, seem to be unaffected. We will endeavor to fix the problems you've highlighted with saved views as soon as possible. Regarding the more fine-grained speed control and transitions from Vectorworks 2019 and earlier, we found that we can often replicate these by varying the speed between multiple keyframes in succession. Thanks!
  2. First of all, to everyone suggesting new features, I can't comment except to say, thanks, and keep them coming! @Andrew Davies , no, image effects don't work on imported PDFs, just images, OpenGL and RenderWorks viewports, RenderWorks backgrounds, and RenderWorks textures for now. Also, on exporting to VWX2018, the adjustments are lost.
  3. Hi, @Kevin McAllister, let's see if I can address some of those. As for the questions, No, they are not resources. That said, you can apply image effects to image resources in the resource manager. You sure can! You can apply image effects to RenderWorks textures and RenderWorks backgrounds, again through the resource manager. We always love to hear feature requests. Of course, much like a secret agent I can neither confirm nor deny anything, but keep the good ideas coming! I will say that you can manage a pretty decent vignette effect with crops, soft edges, and optional sepia.
  4. Yep, @Andrew Davies, that's exactly the kind of time we're trying to save you. The exposure setting will do an overall lighting adjustment, and the shadows and highlights settings give you a little more subtlety and control.
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