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  1. Hi-


    Hoping someone can help me out. I run on Spotlight and just started on 22. 

    I cannot make imported images transparent which is making scaling them in reference to other units difficult.

    I opened an older file with a transparent image- it imported still as transparent, but I can no longer adjust the image to be transparent in 22. 



  2. Hi there-


    I am trying to find a way to automatically position the viewport drawing label in a different location than center. 

    I prefer to have it left justified within the viewport and am hoping there might be a way to override the auto-center position. I have just been dragging the label to manually realign every time... it would help save a step. 





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  3. Hi everyone



    I just upgraded form 2014 (educational)  to 2017 (standard license)


    In 2014 I was able to view layers of multiple scale sizes at the same time when I was working in 2D space. I can't do that in 2017 and am wondering if there is a setting I am missing to make that possible. 


    Thanks for any help!

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