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  1. if usability speed counted, using preselection highlighting makes working really really fast.
  2. roof objects can now contain added geometry within it's group. also roof framer, has some nice little features. stair objects have a few additional parameters.
  3. with the new parasolid engine, I heard that the 2d surface editing bugs have also been resolved.
  4. 'Save View'......... in replacing Sheets? that works, thanks.
  5. In Vectorworks 11 the save sheet menu command is gone. Please bring it back. I don't draw with the scroll bars on, as this is the only place to make a sheet.
  6. You can use the numbers of any color in VectorWorks. Try to just add the value directly into the script instead of converting first. (There is a conversion process anyways for rgb values, but I discovered you can just use the raw numeric data.) ex. SetClPenFore(' classname',30583,30583,30583);
  7. It would be a plus if the attribute for a dashed line could also be patterned.
  8. When creating a symbol, it would be easier if the option was selected by default for 'Keep symbol in place'
  9. Flipping between layers seems to regen dwg. If this is true, I don't see the need to regen. I notice the difference because I use one of those macs that run's slow.
  10. ~ transparent pattern fills ~ has this been on the wish list before?
  11. I never resolved this issue, so I went back to 10.1 I tried redownloading VW10.5 update, and the works. In the beginning, to install 10.5 I had to update to os9.2.2. Perhaps updating to 9.2.2 wasn't perfect? but I noticed with other things: if there is something wrong in the system folder, VW acts up. This is my only theory so far. I hope someone has found an answer.
  12. elements are not prevented from change now select a group, change its class, color.... and the whole thing changes (ps. can we get more smilies )
  13. hola, good to hear from someone else. i thought I'ld explain my strange and silly thoughts... I would like to share that there are a few tools that allow you to change the attributes, class, and even delete objects that are in a group (from outside a group). You can find some of these tools on VectorDepot. I haven't made a text editing tool yet that works this way. So yes, my wish is more than just editing text this way. Dear VectorWorks, It would improve work flow, if you didn't have to worry if things are grouped or not. And take less steps to edit objects. This wouldn't take away any function, just add good tricks to the program. You can still have double clicking on a group to enter it, but if you hit a text object (that's in a group) it would default to editing the text. Does this work ??? The best reason I understand to have groups is to be able to move all objects together at once. (But you should be still able to edit the pieces easily) why do I ask for such silly things? glad to have the opportunity to ask
  14. to allow editing text in a group, from outside the group
  15. sorry I read your post very quickly I am using Mac os9.2 vw10.5
  16. possibly, but problem forgotten, I went back to vw10.1 because I also had a freezing problem thanks for your help
  17. Hi, I'm having a problem with the door.vso, since 10.5 update. I can not add or edit any doors, as I get a script error. And then the doors I had in the drawing all disappear. I checked and my door plug-ins are not locked (as mentioned in a previous post on the NNA tech board. Any quick remedies? Here is the message from the error output but the parenthesis are taken out for post to be allowed Line #396 PEXTRETURNOFFSET -96 IF 127 =Interior only OR 127 =Exterior/Interior AND -101/2 +146 -126 < 95 THEN 95 :=-101/2 +146 -126 END ELSE 95 :=MINREAL -101/2 +146 -PINTRETURNOFFSET -97 Error Identifier not declared. Error Expected a string. Error Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ?
  18. i used the os9 helper to update to 9.2 and all is o.k.
  19. I tried the os9 helper update. everything is o.k.
  20. Pharr, Thank you . I will try the OS9 helper. If it doesn't work either, staying with 10.1.2 isn't bad. If it was my computer I would upgrade, but the office...... you know.
  21. The carbon lib requiredment is version 1.5. We all have carbon lib version 1.6, that was installed and included with the vw10 cd. I think who ever wrote the updater for vw10.5 wrote in the script to just look for os9.2. Maybe it should look for carbon lib 1.5 or greater. If the carbon lib is the problem, can you please pass this message along so they can please fix the updater for vw10.5 to look for carbon lib versions and not for OS version. This will help out alot of people out there. Thanks for your help.
  22. For running the vw10.5 update, What are you looking for in os9.2 that os9.1 does not have ?
  23. Hi Jan15 hows it been? I like what you said at the end about the built-in custom keyboard-macro handler.
  24. oh yes I know Thanks Kristen ~ I am dreaming of simplifying a few things
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