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  1. Mark, Thanks!! yes that is the case, I wonder how that got turned on? so many intricacies to learn.
  2. Is anyone else having these problems? 1- I have to really zoom in on an object to find the "midpoint" snapping point. Every time I look for the midpoint V works wants to snap to anything else that is close by. Any ideas/ tips or tricks. 2- when I get close to an object that are near each other, it always picks the object I don't want to snap to maybe it has something to do with the front back order? Thanks for any help, and or advice. I am not classically trained at this CAD stuff, drafted 20 years by hand and making the transition.
  3. Is anyone at V works listening. I agree the resource browser is handy for stuff I put in there, not so much filled with stuff I DO NOT USE. I am an entertainment designer, I have very little use for all the plumbing stuff, on the flip side I am sure an architect has very little use for stage lights and truss. I paid full Designer prices to. I want an interface that will be customize able, not one that has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. I thought I was tho only one having problems with snap points. I hope this is taken to heart.
  4. I hope this si the correct space to put this. Just installed and ran VW 2018. Start up time takes 2 to 3 times longer than 2017 and this is on a SS Drive. Any Ideas on how to speed things up? I noticed I get the circle switching tabs too. Looks to me that there were to many resources added on the default libraries that I never use, is there a way to get rid of some of that? Thanks M
  5. Thanks I will give that a try. I usually like to play with the new version at home a few weeks before I migrate onto my work computer.
  6. Don't you hate it when you get VW preferences, keyboard short cuts and document setting just how you like it then they come up with a new version and you have to struggle to find out how you had them set before. Is it me or do they always change where those settings are located each version, is it tools, files or window LOL. what would be wonderful is you could save all of those and import the setting into a new version. I do have a blank template saved with classes etc, it's those pesky shortcuts and document setting that reset with each new version.
  7. THANKS!!! I finally found the Zoom out. I wasn't looking for it in the work space editor, DUH I was looking for it in VW options. Found it and mapped V. I know realize I can add the Designer move point to point to spotlight! something that i mes when changing work spaces. Thanks again.
  8. Tried I get the "No Object selected" or if I select an object I get the below photo. I am in designer work space.
  9. I have tried the usual searches on the internet. I was wondering if I missed it any where. I know I can use ctrl/alt/space to zoom out by mouse movements. I like the automatic zoom the "c/c" offers and want to use something similar in zooming out. I can't even find the option to set up my own Hot Key. I know it's something obvious I am missing, any help is appreciated. Thanks Martin
  10. Oh yes I love my 3D mouse and a wacom tablet combo. I was wondering if the screen or graphics tablet would improve it. I did learn and spent over a decade hand drafting I miss the connection with the project and the pencil, but I don't want to spend over 1000 + $ on something that kind of works. I take it a better investment is a bigger screen with a higher resolution. I am looking into Sketchbook too.
  11. I have a PC I will look into the Dell Canvas, that interests me. I do wonder if I should get a 27" touch screen monitor and stay with the Wacom tablet I am used to. The 16" looks really good, however the price is a bit much and also the USB connection looks to be a problem. I do love the You Tube videos and debated about getting an older Wacom on Ebay. The below review is pretty good for the 16"
  12. Thanks Zoomer!! All good advice. I wish there was a way to try it before I buy it. :-/. I hate to waste all the time of getting something that doesn't work and returning it.
  13. Yeah I am Dual Monitor Tablet, I like to keep my tools on a second screen since I rarely look at the tools as I use shortcuts the majority of the time. Thanks you, your imput is really fantastic. I wonder 2 things.. A- If I used a touch monitor on a horizontal surface if that would be just as good as a graphics tablet, if not better because it's 27" and vertical. You bring up a good point about double click and and also for me right click on the mouse I find faster on the tablet mouse. Currently I have an Intuos Tablet and use the mouse to draft and the Pen to photo shop/ sketch. B- Are there other "Tablet Displays" other than Wacom, that might work as well. ex: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V5QS1CC/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1OG9QALY561PM&colid=2F52BOVFM8Q5F Currently my Lap top screen is my tool bar monitor. I have an HD 23" Monitor that I use for my drawing space. One reason I was thinking of using the 27" Acer was to use it with a pen and horizontal - I fear the double click and right click ill be even more of an issue.
  14. Yeah there is the cool factor too! I get that. Thanks for the info, it is giving me a lot to consider, as my eyes are not getting any younger. Speed is key, can't you use Tablet and Keyboard. Would I be able to have Dual monitor, display tablet and keyboard input (Yeah I want it all LOL) What about a higher pixel touch screen monitor? What are the pros and cons of Monitor vs Display tablet. Looking for information of feel and easy of use, trying not to get to bogged down in tech specs.
  15. Is it pixel resolution or ppi? A smart phone has 400-500 ppi The Cintiq 27" is only 109 ppi, not good at all. I was thinking the 13 or the 17 has around 188 ppi which isn't bad. I would think ppi would have more to do with accuracy than pixel resolution, or is it a combo of both. I wish I could try out both and then decide. Yes the hand screen disconnect is big considering I hand drafted for 10+ years professionally.
  16. I'm looking to end the screen hand disconnect and I am seeing the two options. Is a graphics tablet more for animators and Photoshop. Will the Touch screen help or be frustrating because it is not accurate enough. The tablet is a lot more expensive, but is it worth it for VW and Sketchup? Any in put or experience is welcome. Below are what I am looking at right now is the 13" Tablet to small the 17" is twice as much.. Is there another brand of Tablet recommended?? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G5AF1S0/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Cintiq-Interactive-Display-DTK1300/dp/B00BSOSCNE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500898451&sr=8-1&keywords=Wacom+Cintiq Thanks!


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