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  1. Yes that was the other discussion I had with a co worker. Do annotations in dimensions and font size translate to different scales in view ports? I usually do all my annotation in the annotation layer in the Viewport. The majority I use 1/4" to 1/2" scale for the majority of my drawing, usually 1" scale on one plate for door and window layout and 3" to full scale for detail drawings. I have grown used to drawing in 1:1 and porting it to desired scales in sheet layers, this way I know my full scale details will look the way I want them to. I guess it really does depend on your work flow and what helps you draw fast and accurate, there is no correct way. I do like learning about why people choose one way over another and see which will work best for me. Keep those comments coming!!
  2. Yes I understand how drafting works RE scale vs plate I always create objects in real world dimensions. My question is should design layer be set to 1:1 (Which helps with import export, or 1/2"=1'-0" which would show hatches better? My plates can often have more than one scale in View ports so editing the hatch for the drawing for one scale then editing for another won't really work and upset the workflow, unless there is a way to edit a unique hatch for each view port, which would be time consuming and I don't have time for that. I do export a lot for CnC work and find 1:1 is a bit more accurate, One vender asked I export in Ai and I discovered even at 1:1 there was a 1/4" discrepancy. That was my logic, that working in 1:1 in the design layer is better that working in 1/2"=1'-0" in the design layer just to see what the hatch will look like.I figure between gigs I could always print each hatch at 1/2" and do a template so I just know and don't see it. I work in the Entertainment industry, and the drafting is a bit different than in Architecture or interior design, my background is hand drafting. The closer my drafting looks like a hand drawing the better. I attached one example of work which shows the end product. The etching was exported as 1:1 and cut in vinyl and applied to glass. I hope this help to clarify my question. 116_Madison Ave_Plate4 Awning ElevationPRELIMINARY 9-21-17.pdf
  3. First I want to say I draw in 2D for carpenters elevations. when I draw I draw in full scale. I was told I should draw in the scale I will plate to the majority of time 1/2" scale usually. I draw in full scale because I find that most cad and sketch up models will import and export well in full scale without the worry of the programs not interpreting them wrong. The advantage I here is that hatches will show up as they will be plated in scale. but they will be different in full scale details. I am wondering what people usually draw at and the pros and cons. Thanks Martin
  4. Yes I have noticed an iimprovement in start up time as well. Now an average of 20 to 30 seconds. Thanks guys at Vectorworks!!!
  5. Yes Autocad = .DWG. I open a new .vwx file and save it as "CadXXX" to import the .dwg file. I copy the lines from the file "CadXXX" into my current working document. It brings all of the .dwg classes with it and clogs up my class system. I don't copy from autocad to vectorworks. I import it so I have editable lines. It has not shown up as a bitmap.
  6. Thank you!!!!!! You guys re the best!! I don't know why I didn't think of trying that.
  7. When using a resource I would be able to right click and convert to group in the right click flyout box. I know ctrl K is the keyboard command, I would still like the option to right click for it. For some reason when I go to do this action my brain defaults to fly out menu and not keyboard. IF there is a way to add it to customize my fly out to add it I would do that but I am not aware of that feature. Thanks
  8. I also noticed if I copy and past an object from a .dwg that I have made a group I will see all the classes from the .DWG in my VWX Drawing I have to save and restart V works to get the classes to reset to my default drawing classes. The tabs are not working very well.
  9. Has anyone else had this problem. It's happened with 2017 documents opening in 2018 and 2018 documents. Also on occasion if I open more than one tab. I find I can't see the page on the other tab. I zoom in and out of the document and I see the zoom in percentage change but nothing will happen in the tab I am highlighted on, it does change in the other tab. Is anyone else having these problems. I am on my laptop. Specs Below.
  10. I was using a docking station to have 3 monitors on my work laptop. I think the windows 10 update is the culprit since Photoshop and illustrator both had the same issue. Must be a USB 3 issue with the update and my video driver on my lap top I am trying an upgraded machine that has 3 video outs native and a true graphics card. when I am using that I will update my signature.
  11. Well that didn't work. Got an error message stating one or more preferances could not be loaded and set back to factory default. Tried hot keys and no of my custom ones are working.
  12. Im on a PC and I just upgraded to a much better new laptop. I wanted to move my Vectorwork preferences so when I start I have all my custom Hot keys and preferences like on my old machine. I am sing Vectorworks 2018. Thanks
  13. I tried opening a new document and the new document was the same gray. if I zoom in and out, I see the scroll bars reacting. I will look into the no new document setting. first time this has happened with the same rig. Laptop set up to a Kensington SD3500v Universal USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station (K33972US) with 27" asus monitor and a Hunion Display tablet. It was working fine then this happened.
  14. I am starting work at ABC on Tuesday to draft a set. I wanted to make sure my laptop and VW were working smoothly. I started VW multiple times and I end up with the screen attached. My work space was blacked out, then I updated and it was grayed out. I can see that the tools work but don't see the work space. Any ideas?? I changed VW Display Preferences to best compatibility and the middle one. No difference. It opens fine in low res 1366 x 768 but looks like crap. I changed no settings.
  15. In my case it was 20 to 30 seconds after verification. v 2018
  16. I was timing my Start up with VW. The Program will open and be ready in 10 to 20 seconds. Not bad, however it takes almost a minute for the Resource browser, and all the crap I never use (See all the default and cloud libraries to load automatically. Is there any way to limit the default start up to only the things I need? I don't need - showers, escalators, doors, HVAC crap as well as building services etc. I am an entertainment set designer. I am sure Architects don't need all the theatrical lighting resources. as a set designer I don't need those, or even the truss 90% of the time.
  17. Here is another Ai question. I am making a Christmas card to print via Visto Print. What is the best way file to export then place a full color image. See attached Christmas 2017 card blueprint.pdf Christmas 2017 card drafting.pdf
  18. That would be fantastic. What I should do is visit one of My CNC guys with my laptop and do some experimenting. I have to do a fast turn around sometimes and I would like to make the process easier and faster on all sides. Hopefully reducing the price in my final product as well.
  19. Thanks for the answers. Unfortunately I gave up Corel Draw several years ago. I had to choose between Adobe suite of products and Corel Suite of products. I found that more people use and want Adobe, and I do like and use photo shop, lightroom a lot for graphics use. I also find Ai the best program when it comes to publishing. I might give Draw one more chance if I can just use that program, and don't have to DL the suite of programs. Again it goes back to the same issue though. Using another program and converting it to .Ai. or DFX/ DWG. And industry standard from with whom I deal with want Ai. I do all my working drawings in 1:1 and plate them to scale so scaling isn't the issue. The issue is everyone that I deal with to do C&C want .Ai.
  20. I did a search for this topic and didn't see it addressed. Are there any plans where we can import and export to .Ai? I figure it's an Adobe Lisc issue. What is the best option importing an .Ai file. I find that if Graphics designers do a sign it's in .Ai, if I need to make that illustration into scale elevations some one has to take the extra step to not only put it in the format I need but also to double check nothing is changed in the export. Similarly if I need to send something out to be CNC, they are always asking for an .Ai format. Thanks
  21. I have been using a Display tablet, I love it. However there is one problem when it comes to Vworks. Is there any way to change the drop down menu to the left and not the right ? The menus are always under my hand. I am using Windows 10 and was able to set windows to "Right Handed" this works for the menus in folders, Photoshop and word, all the fly outs appear on the left. Doesn't work in Vector works. Any help or ideas are appreciated.
  22. :-) Just got a 21" and trying to get the work flow up and going.
  23. You know I think I fought with it to but became extremely obvious and annoying using a pen display rather than a mouse.
  24. After much consideration of price and size I end up with a Huion GT-220 V2. So far I am liking it, it does get some getting used to. for well less than 1k and a 20" screen, I have to say I am impressed.


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