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  1. Boh , you are a legend......... thats heaps
  2. Hi Boh, still have the same problem, This is what Ive done inside the software, the FD&C file is abbreviated for my business, still have double the files in the folders as before. thanks for your help
  3. Hi People, Im trying to Customise my Resource Manager, Ive added a folder in the favourites folder inside VW, Ive added Vw files to these folder but when I open favourites up I have 2 x files Ive tried to add a folder to the favourite file by right clicking on the favourites icon it says add folder, I give it a name, a dialog box pops up with add to "root" i do this and nothing happens so hence ive been going into the software to create a folder. Im sure theres a better & easier way .... sourced vw help, youtube and this forum. Any help would be much appreciated
  4. Hi All, I have VW File with standard sections I want to have always on my template, How do I import the Vw file so its always there to access the details. Thanks A
  5. Hi all, For some reason Ive lost the ability to annotate in a view port, I click on the view port and it goes into "exit view port crop " I opened a new file and this is doing the same, and ideas thanks Andrew
  6. Hi Im a designer and builder, dose anyone out there know if there is a simple survey product that I can go to site take levels, import into vector works and send back to the machine to mark out but and fills, and exact building locations with out having to go to survey school to use it. would a 3d scanner be best ........ be interested in everyones ideas. thanks A
  7. Hi rDesign Im not getting any joy, These are the steps I go through following the VW 2020 standard rotation in the help menu I select the object in 3d. select standard mode on the tool bar select orate tool select 1 corner of the object as soon as I select the other corner of the object the rotate tool disappears and the 3d object is deselected. should I be in wire frame ?
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me where to find the 3d rotate tool, all I can find is the 2d rotate / rotate duplicate thanks Andrew
  9. Thanks Heaps........... don't know how i managed to do that............. now I know where to fix it.................. thanks again
  10. Hi all, My walls look different between my design layer and view port, in the view port it looks like they are not solid and you can see the joins. any ideas what I've done
  11. thanks Robert, will have to eat more carrots .............
  12. Hi all, My eye site is slowly getting worse, is there a way to increase the font size in vector works so I don't need to wear glasses all the time. thanks Andrew
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