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  1. It says in the manual: "Points isolation operations do not work on any points located outside of an active clip cube. However, I have repeatedly tried to isolate points with the assistance of a clip cube and when I delete them and then turn off the clip cube, it has taken a slice out of the entire point cloud. I have tried this a couple times over the years with a few different point clouds and given up each time. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  2. I use Vectorworks on two machines--a desktop and a laptop. Several months ago, I moved my user folder to a Dropbox folder. This way, when I update workspaces and such on one machine, it would transfer over to the other machine the next time I started it up. The downside has been that I regularly have to "Activate" again, and now for the third time, I have had to call in because I have exceeded activations. I'm only using it on two machines so I don't know what the fix is..
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