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  1. I corresponded with Fetch and they suggested if the suffix mapping did not work then go to preferences-->download and under Default Binary Type/Creator enter MC9d and CDP3. This worked. I tried every other option I could think of for VW files but no luck until this. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I am using OS10.2.6 and VW9.5.3. I am using a FTP program called Fetch. Fetch looks at the file suffixs and maps these when downloading. It can't find a recognizable suffix in the Vectorworks files. I've tried to use .mcd but no luck. Is there an "inbedded" file suffix designator that can be used? What suffix mapping maps to MC9d/CDP3? Fetch has no other issues with any other application files.
  3. I am running VW 8.5 with mac OS 8.6. When panning across a drawing, the window will disappear behind a fuzzy/wavy pattern. By closing then opening the window it will clear up, but panning again will cause the problem again. Rebooting will fix this temporarily, but it usually comes back. Is this a redraw problem? Resolution issue?
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