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  1. Hi Vision, the Ayrton Magic Blade R9 20 Channel isn't out-putting correctly. It only shows one beam of light from the head. Can you have a look at this please? thanks Andy
  2. A Robe 600 Led Wash would be fairly close.
  3. Andy Lightning

    Hybrid Symbols inserted on working planes ?

    So, working planes and adding symbols are now working better for me. Great. thank you mark. As I get into the working planes I have saved, I try to edit the axis of Workplane that I have saved and I realise that I can't 'Redefine" a Saved workspace like I would for a saved view. Am I missing something? Or is the workflow to edit a saved working plane as I see it? - select the working plane I have saved, then double click the centre of working plane until the red, green and blue dots appear , then adjust the rotation , then when I try to save with the same name, I see I can't do this, so I have to save this new working plane with a new name, delete the old one and re edit the new name to my preferred working plane name.?
  4. Andy Lightning

    Hybrid Symbols inserted on working planes ?

    Thanks, Do I have to convert each one individually ? I didn't think you could do a group convert,
  5. Andy Lightning

    Hybrid Symbols inserted on working planes ?

    Yes, retaining top plan view would be useful for the 2D drafting. If we could just place the symbols quicker in 3D. Here attached is an example. To be able to place symbols as quick as I normally can on a layer plane, but now to every face of say this hemisphere. Once I have made all of my working planes and saved them. Then In go the Hybrid symbols.
  6. HI VW, Could we one day soon please be able to place Hybrid symbols onto working planes? I would love to see this the ability added . Currently the work loads to place lighting symbols on faces that are set on many angles are just to time consuming. I will even change the creative idea of a set piece, just so I don't have to spend many hours typing in degrees into the 3D XYZ fields. Currently I can set a working plane to planar face, which is great. But if I could then add lighting symbol to that face. It would be awesome!!! I am not sure if anyone understands what I mean. Maybe there is another way to this too. thanks Andy "Hybrid symbols can only be inserted on a working plane that is parallel to the active layer plane. When inserting a hybrid symbol, if the working plane is not parallel to the active layer plane, the working plane is moved to, and aligned with, the active layer plane."
  7. Andy Lightning

    Styles in Sheet Layers

    Thanks Mark. I do understand all of what you mention here. When I try to use the Callout tool in a viewport, that has a style applied to. The style will only effect the text size , but not the text colour. Can you understand why this is happening? Is it because the text attribute line colour has priority over the colour in the text style applied to the Callout? I hope I make sense, thanks. Andy
  8. Andy Lightning

    Styles in Sheet Layers

    HI All, I am trying to set up my sheet layers, so that whenever I add text to a sheet layer. Like when I edit the viewport and add text to the viewport. How do I set up the sheet layer so that a style is already applied to the view port so that all future text applied to the viewport will automatically have the style applied to it. Hope that makes sense. thanks Andy
  9. Thanks Mark, Is there a way to correct the out put?
  10. Andy Lightning

    Robe BFML Blade Mode 1 Issues

    Thanks Edward. Its a shame about the animation wheel positioning.
  11. HI Vision, the fixture for the Robe Red Wash in Mode 3 is not out putting the correct amount of intensity. It looks like only one cell or a quarter of the correct output. Could you please check this out for us ? thanks again. Andy
  12. Andy Lightning

    Special Effects in Vision

    ok, thanks.
  13. HI, Can we have special effects in Vision like flame and CO2. I am not sure where where to find these fixtures and if this is possible? Can any one help. thanks Andy


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