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  1. Hey all, was there ever a solution for this? I'm having this exact issue: I open a template file and go to edit the title block and it disappears saying "There is no record attached to the title block". I go to the next sheet layer and try to edit the title block, same thing. I end up having to reattach the title block on every sheet layer- very strange and inefficient. Any solutions? Thanks a lot! Mike
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Vectorworks and so am still figuring out how things work. Im having trouble having my plants display opaque pen lines around them with semi transparent fills. The stroke around them are all very transparent, and are linked to the fill. I'd like to have all my different types of plants have their own graphic styles ex. trees have a solid dark border around them, with a 30% transparent fill. Shrubs have a solid border(/'stroke'/'pen') around them with a 50% transparent fill etc. I've made classes for each of these, and when editing the class see the obvious "Link pen opacity" checkbox. Even with that unchecked, they're still coming out with transparent pen lines. When editing the 2D graphic of a plant symbol, Ive selected "Use class fill opacity" and "Use class pen opacity" and have unchecked "Link pen opacity" but for some reason this is not effective. Any ideas? In the screenshot, you'll see a tree I've placed, but the pen is very faded, linked to the fill opacity. Im not sure why but it seems the setting isnt effectively being applied. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Mike


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