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  1. Thank you that's brilliant - the white background option looks like a dead simple fast fix! I need to reinstall, so will have a crack - thanks for taking the time to respond.
  2. It's a Mac Pro on High sierra, I've sent everything to VW and they still can't fix it - I think I should get a refund for this years licence, but haven't got the time! My view ports all have black backgrounds and it means re setting every page from scratch,
  3. Two identical renders, one in 2018 - perfect, one in 2010 (SP1), whole new black background - just one of countless errors. In 10 years it's the most shabby release to date, numerous crashes, chronic rendering issues (actually slower than 2018). When can we expect a SP2 that make sit useable? I've manually cut logos out for Copyright & blurred images.
  4. I lasted one day, major rendering issues, cached the first render, then repeated the same screen for all views, changed every setting under the sun - still no joy. Numerous crash. Compared to 2018 which was brilliant from day 1.
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