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  1. Working in a file mostly for 3D modeling. Admittedly not something I do often. I have multiple solids, mostly additions/subtractions that I am editing into various shapes. Issue: I double click to edit the 'layers' of addition/subtraction, but I need to change the view to see where where each object aligns and to take measurements. Whatever view I have when I enter Edit-Mode works fine, but as soon as I change views (usually via the numpad hotkeys 1-9) the view changes but centers on some ridiculous place among other objects. When working on very small objects, it becomes very frustrating to find them again (and again, and again) to make edits. (yes I have the object selected when I change views) The 'Center on Object..' feature works 100% of the time OUTSIDE of these Edit windows. I would LOVE if I am just missing something or some weird box I didn't check. Hoping someone out here can provide some insight ūüėÉ Thank you!
  2. I know the Custom Stair tool is 'legacy', but we know its still more customizable than the normal Stair tool. So my question is how to produce the following operation using the Custom Stair tool in vwx 2018. A set of treads (of different widths) all ''offset' or 'right/left justified' or 'flaired' outward on one side only. I can set the custom widths by creating Straight stairs for each tread, but they are always centered on each other. The building I'm (re)modeling in vwx has several stairs that are flat against a wall, but continuously flair wider at each consecutive tread. Its a nice semi-curved look due to the non-linear flair-out, but neither the Straight stair or a Curved stair have been able to produce this look. And I know it can't be that uncommon, a lot of buildings use a flaired tread or two at the bottom of their staircases... So what gives?
  3. First, Thank you! That file has it up and running. Going to go play with it right now haha Second, any reason (as of SP3) the Plug-ins->Remote pop-up menu is in different languages? (pic attached) It still works fine, so not a pressing issue =)
  4. Same issue here running VW2018 Spotlight on latest Windows 10. Tried it on my laptop, and after clicking Utilities -> Vectorworks Remote, the window won't even open.
  5. 2013 would suit my needs just fine, what we're looking to get for it? Like I said, I'm not even sure of the market rate. Just thought I'd start asking around
  6. Just as the title suggests, I'm looking for a used copy of Vectorworks Spotlight, preferably with Renderworks, at least 2012. Not sure what older/used licenses are costing these days, so I figured I'd start asking. Thanks!


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