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  1. answer from Mat in NZ Mine works fine with OzCAD
  2. Hi you guys, thanks for your help. Robert - if you have a minute, and a 'practice DTM', could you please check that you can change the border. Islandmon - I don't really understand, presumably you mean the 3dLoci on the dtm data layer? All I have is 3d polygons.. Thanks in advance. Mat
  3. Hi all I have used the "set border" command successfully, but now I need to change the border. I change the shape of the 2d polygon, select it, then run "set border", then update the proposed DTM, but it doesn't change? Should it change or does it only work once? Thanks in advance. Mat
  4. Hi Peter I tried that but it was reflection enough of the floor to make it unusable. Thanks though
  5. Hi Nicolas I was trying to render a joinery unit with black top and white Melamine sides. I want the shadows to fall onto a white background, so the when printed, the shadows would appear to fall on the paper. The problem was, using lights to create the shadows nicely resulted in the sides of the unit coming out quite grey. My clients wouldn't understand this. If I had used cinema4d, I would have loaded a white color into the luminance channel, then got pure white. I was kind of hoping for a similar solution. Thanks for your time. Mat
  6. I wish NNA had tested 11.5 before releasing it. I hope a patch for the random crashing comes soon. Thanks for listening...
  7. Hi All I just need to make a fake white material. It's against a white background, so I guess it needs to be pale grey. Anyone know a quick way? Thanks in advance. Mat
  8. To add to what Travis has said. I have found that the 1 viewport on top of another method takes too long to render, so instead I just add the odd extra line on the viewport annotation, eg downpipes, spouting, and a big black ground line. Then dimensions, notes, titles etc. Printed in color for the client, who loves it, and photocopied in black and white for the builder. It initially seemed like a lot of extra work compared to the "convert copy to lines" method, but now that I have done it once I see it is vastly quicker if there are any changes, eg moving a window trying different roof pitches, etc.
  9. Hi All I'm sure this is a dumb question.... In wireframe, I can see all my objects, but in any of the rendering modes I can only see objects on the active class. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks Dave, that was it. Thanks Nicholas too. Yup, we get good surf here
  11. http://www.urbandesigns.co.nz/family/coppermine/displayimage.php?album=4&pid=320 click the image to see full size Thanks
  12. Hey Nicholas, thanks for replying. I open the resource, browse to the "props lo-res" file, double cick on one of them, place it in my drawing, switch to front view, render in open GL and it's correct. I render in fast renderworks (or any other), and the prop has a blue background which obscures the model behind. Mat
  13. Hi all I'm having problems with image props - the 'mask' is not transparent (spelling?). How do I make the mask transparent? Thanks in advance
  14. Use VW at school - you'll have more free time, and get a better result. Bluff your way through the job interview - it's not like they're going to sit you in front of the computer for an hour to test your ability.
  15. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. So it was a simple answer - I hadn't been using the 3d cursor! Didn't know there was such a thing. Thanks again.
  16. Hi all Why oh why is 3d snapping so poor? Consider this; Change to a 3d view, select the end point of a 3d nurbs - Drag the nurbs to another nurbs, wait for the 'point' smart cursor cue to show up, the release the mouse button - Now switch to a plan view (or any other view) and the nurbs are not touching at all - You may have to look closely to see it, but trust me, they are not aligned. WHY OH WHY does VW do this to me ..... Mat
  17. try this 1 open the file with the custome sheet select the custom sheet edit | copy swith to the file you wish to update edit | paste a dialogue should ask something like "replace or use existing symbol" choose replace you would expect it to update at this stage but it doesn't - you need to rebuild the PIO, so go to organsise | scripts | vectorscrip plug in editor then click done. This redraws/rebuilds all the pios in the active drawing, including you custom sheet. Note: there may be a quicker way than this...and I haven't tested whether it works or not. Good Luck
  18. thnaks you guys - I had already tried convert to nurbs etc
  19. Hi All I am having problems with extrude along path. I have a 3d polygon as a path. I can extrude a circle along the path, but nothing else. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance MAt
  20. Hi I am getting two problems with my DTM. In one file, DTM error NNA_Hidden_Record not found whenm I run the site model commands. In another test file I get vectorscript error "plugin Edit plant catalog" not found. Using VWA 11.01 Architect Australia tools winxp sp3
  21. hI cHARLES File is not 'read only', and permissions seem OK for all users. But, the problem occurs whether I use a database or not... I'll email you the file Thanks for your help Mat
  22. Hi All My callout tool is mis-behaving. I edit a callout, press OK, and a warning window poas up saying 'Alert' in the dialog title bar, and '0' in the message area of the window. I press Ok and the callout updates correctly. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Mat VWA 11.01 win xp sp2
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