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  1. Hi everyone;

    I must be missingt he point (losing the plot) somewhere - but, I wanna draw a 3d polygon on the top surface of an extruded rectangle...simple! But the 'smart cursor' doesn't identify any points on the extruded rectangle. The smart cursor is definitely on, and a previously drawn 3d polygon will show smart cursor snaps.

    Am I meant to ungroup it or something first?

  2. HI all - is there a way to quickly hide specifc classes. I'm getting a heck of a lot of classes, and going to the classes pull down, selecting classes, then scrolling through the open window to find the class I wish to hide is taking too long.

    Any ideas



  3. Hi all

    how does one snap the bottom right corner of an extruded rectangle to the bottom left corner of another extruded rectangle lying perpindicular?

    In an isometric view, zoomed in close, no object/smart cursors appear...switch to front view, and 'object' appears, so I can snap them together, but when I switch back to isometric view, the end points don't align.

    It must be some intuition I'm lacking or something...can u hepl? THX!

  4. I'll tell you something about this Buz, 'cause I know you're gonna help me with my classes question smile.gif" border="0

    You usually start a set of working drawings with the site plan. The site plan becomes drawing 1, on sheet A1. The level 1 floor plan is drawing 2, sheet A2. You might have room for level 2 floor plan on sheet A2, so it becomes drawing 3, sheet A2. On the floor plans, you will show a section line indicating where-abouts the section is taken through...the first one will be called section a-a, and will refer the 'user' to the sheet that the section is printed on (eg A4). The drawing title for section a-a (on sheet A4) will show a-a, and A2, which indicates that the 'user' should look at sheet A2 to see where the section was cut thru.

    Sing out if u want me to go on&on&on

  5. Yeah Buz, it's the only visible class...the columns I just drew on layer "rafters" are visible, but not the rafters. If I select a rafter, (I have to turn on class none first), the object info pane says the rafter is on class "rafters".

    This is the sort of s..t that drove me away from AutoCAD...the block is created on a different layre than the current layer when it is inserted etc...

  6. I am a VW virgin struggling with the basics...but;

    I have used the 'create rafters from roof' command, and now want to change the rafters to a new class. You'd think it would be simple, so I select all the rafters, then in the object info palette, I change the class (from "none")to one I have created called "rafters". Next, I go to the classes pull-down in the data display bar and make the "none" class invisible. This hides all the rafters?? What gives?? Thanks in advance smile.gif" border="0

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