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  1. OK Stargate,

    How do I change the script code for simple window (for example) to draw the 2d object with poly() instead of rect(). This way I believe the object snap 'point' will work, enabling accurate drawings instead of guesswork.


  2. I guess most of you long time users have a work-around to this...but y o y have the team at NNA written all those PIOs without field-testing them? Surely if any autocad users were on the field test board they would have pointed out that accurate drawings are not possible with the PIOs the way they are.

    Do this...create a 'detail cut wood' object and place it as a lintle over a door opening; it's actually not that easy...the smart cursor snaps 'align..' aren't useful at all - we need point, bottom left, center etc, so we can place the object in 1 go.

    Now Titanium Samurai has suggested (on this board), that the PIO code needs modifying to draw polygons instead of rectangles. I get the feeling he would know, so why don't you guys at NNA - do you have a team of field testers, people actually producing architectural drawings on a daily basis? And if so, maybe you need some newbies like me who haven't come to grips with the software's limitations yet, and who bring other cad software experience.

    And btw, why does exporting 3d objects to DWG turn each layer into a block? A VW layer is absolutley NOT a autocad block. There is no similarity in ANY WAY AT ALL - so why?

    On a positive note, VW is certainly fast to produce drawings, even if they're not as accurate as I could produce in ACad...

  3. HiyaHow do You draw glazed partitioning for offices (VWA)?

    The window wall tool is good, except I can't make it go around corners...or insert doors into a window wall.

    Here's what I have tried so far;1) draw a series of windowwalls, overlap the corners, and hope no-one notices the wrong junction. Place a door alongside the mullion of the windowwall where required.2) draw a normal wall, insert windows and doors as usual - looks good, but seems to take longer than it should.

    How do u people do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS...re the windowwall tool; I'm looking out my office window at the shops on main street, and EVERY SINGLE windowwall has doors in it. So, why didn't the option of inserting a door into a window wall get coded? BTW, I could be mis-understanding what you Americans call a windowwall - I have assumed it to be the ground floor glazing of a shop (shop-front). Maybe a windowwall is the type of glazing one finds on a 'skyscaper' (curtain wall), but the PIO options don't seem to support this (if you stack them, you get a double mullion at each floor, which dosen't occur in most 'skyscrapers')

  4. Hi allHow does one change the default options for lineweights in the attribute pallette?I have the lineweights displaying in mm, which is good for a metric thinker like myself, but what I really wanna do is have the following line-weights available for 'quick select';.3 .9 .15 .2 .25 .3 .35 .5 .7

    Currently I have these options;.0 .3 .15 .3 .5 1.02

    Any ideas?

    And if you can solve this, what about doing a similar thing for text sizes?


  5. How do I put floor plan at 1:100 & roof plan at 1:250 on the same sheet?

    Here's the scene; 3 floor building, still in design stage, needs drawings for fundraising.I used the setup assistant and now have 22 iso A1 sized sheets. 1 sheet for each floor plan, 1 sheet for the roof plan, and so on.

    I have created a new layer (A3-plans), and on it created a layer link to each floor plan. So now I can print out 1 sheet with 3 floorplans on it - awesome.

    There's enough room left over for the roof plan, but at a reduced scale. Because the design is not final, I want to use layer links to show the roof plan on the presentation sheet, not convert copy to polygon...

    So I created a new layer at a reduced scale (layer roof-link), and put a layer link to Mod-Roof. Looks good.Switch back to Layer 'A3-plans' and create a layer link to roof-link, and nothing shows up.

    So I guess there's two questions here....

    1) does VW support 'nested' layer links? (as described above)2) how would you people do the drawing I am attempting?

    Thanks for your help in advance grin.gif" border="0

  6. Object snaps that work with hybrid objects would be good.

    Drafting is meant to be accurate, and VW's snaps are actually not very good once 3d objects are introduced.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but, for example, use the rular tool to measure from the corner of a wall to the reveal created with a wall opening. It's impossible....How does a draftsperson dimension the opening? By guessing?

    And for what it's worth, if NNA do want to improve the function of snaps, here's a tip; the snap should be to the vertex that is drawn on the screen, not some point in 3d space either closer to or further away from the user, (which is what AutoCAD does) If it can be drawn on screen, then the vertex can be snapped to SURELY??

  7. I dunno the answer to that - only been using VW for 1 month or so...As soon as you amke the group, before doing anything else, go to the OI palette and change the class while it is still selected.

    BTW, I found out yesterday how to select a locked layer link - build an expression under Organise | Custom selection, and use "kind is" "layer link". It's easier than I've made it sound!

  8. Hi The 9.5 manual refers to a skylight symbol (pg 15-37) which I can't find - Anyone know where?

    I'm actually trying to get light into the center of the hall with overhead glazing shaped like ^

    Is there a better way of doing in than inserting a sklight symbol into a ^ shaped bit of roof?

    Thanks anyone

  9. I am having trouble selecting a locked layer link. Using the setup assistant I have created a massive set of layers and classes, and while trying to position my roof, I created a layer link to Floor Plan 3 Layer. Now I want to delete it, but I can't seem to select it?

    Layer and Classes are set to show/snap/modifyUnder the edit sheets dialogue, all the correct classes and layers are set to visible, and show/snap/modify is active for both layers and classes.

    Thanks for your help everyone smile.gif" border="0

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