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  1. I now suspect I was getting confused with the actual layer, not a layer link...'cause pressing ctrl-alt-6 turns the thing off...I still don't understand why I cant select it when show/snap/modify others is on, but anyway..
  2. Hay Samurai, how do you edit the PIO to change RECT() to POLY()? I only need to do it for simple door 2, simple window, and window wall, so it's probably not a huge issue, and if it works, it would suit my autocad habits of perfect snapping. Thanks
  3. I am having trouble selecting a locked layer link. Using the setup assistant I have created a massive set of layers and classes, and while trying to position my roof, I created a layer link to Floor Plan 3 Layer. Now I want to delete it, but I can't seem to select it? Layer and Classes are set to show/snap/modifyUnder the edit sheets dialogue, all the correct classes and layers are set to visible, and show/snap/modify is active for both layers and classes. Thanks for your help everyone
  4. Snapping with 2d objects works sweet...snapping to hybrid objects is a total dog! What am I doing wrong? I want to place 'simple door 2' with the top left corner of its jamb perfectly along-side the jamb of 'window wall straight'. This shouldn't be so hard. Align v or align H show up, but this is no help. I want Point! Where is Point? I zoom in and out but no Point! It's possible that I am being pedantic, and in fact it doesn't really matter if the jambs are perfect or not. However, as soon as I convert copy to lines I will wish the snaps actually worked. Snapping to grid is not the answer in this case. Can anyone who actually uses VW in an Architect's office shed some light on the abject performance of VW snaps? Win2k - 256MB ram
  5. I too have trained myself to save all the time...but it is such an essential feature, especially for such a buggy piece of software! And autosave doesn't do much for you when a file becomes corrupted, hence the autobackup.
  6. What about AutoSave and AutoBackup - Considering how often I crash using VW, I woulda thought these functions were essential. BTW, the save reminder is better than nothing, but why not just an autosave ? Is it a MAC thing? And while we're on the MAC topic, is that why the scroll wheel doesn't do anything in VW? 'CAuse it makes zooming and panning quicker than hitting C or V...
  7. Thanks! BTW, there are so many PIO's, where does one find a definitve listing of their attributes/functions. The .pdf files "object library catalogues" are actually pretty much useless (sorry to be so blunt). Look at the Anderson or Marvin windows; the only way to know which one to use is to try it out, so what's the point of the pdf? Maybe an experienced user could interpret the info, but then that user would already know what to use, so wouldnt bother with the pdf...
  8. SO yeah, how do I draw a window with a curved 'head'? Thanks!
  9. Matthew, I just don't get this at all...I want to snap 'outriggers' onto the ends of rafters. Should I be using some other tool (ie align or something)? Smart cues say 'object' when using the 2d selection tool, but nothing when using the 3d selction tool. if I do it with the 2d tool, it looks perfect in an the ISO view I used when 'snapping' the outriggers, but when I switch to any other view it is totally wrong. Being new to VW, I suspect there is something fundamental I'm missing here...has anyone got any ideas?
  10. I'm a kook - the 'smart-cues' were turned off in preferences....
  11. Hi everyone; I must be missingt he point (losing the plot) somewhere - but, I wanna draw a 3d polygon on the top surface of an extruded rectangle...simple! But the 'smart cursor' doesn't identify any points on the extruded rectangle. The smart cursor is definitely on, and a previously drawn 3d polygon will show smart cursor snaps. Am I meant to ungroup it or something first?
  12. awesome, it works - thanks! And btw, try adding a new menu item or VBA script in AutoCAD for a definition of goofy!
  13. thx everyone:Mike B - they is Mac scripts unfortunaelty 4 me!Andy M - I can't get the thing to run...it falls over with the following error "Line #23: Procedure HideObject; | { Error: Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ;"Any ideas?THnkas
  14. Hi Where can I find a detailed description of the wall types. Being from outside the USA, most of the wall type abbreviations are unfamilar to me. What's the chance of getting metreicated wll types without having to pay for them? Thks
  15. HI all - is there a way to quickly hide specifc classes. I'm getting a heck of a lot of classes, and going to the classes pull down, selecting classes, then scrolling through the open window to find the class I wish to hide is taking too long. Any ideas Thnks M
  16. Yeah I see - the exception is when 'rafters' is the active class, and one hides "rafters', they remain visible! But I doo get it THANKS 4 replying
  17. I got the version 4.60 driver off HP and it seems to print fine - I'm a newbie tho' so u know I haven't tested it fully! Thanks for replying
  18. Hi all how does one snap the bottom right corner of an extruded rectangle to the bottom left corner of another extruded rectangle lying perpindicular? In an isometric view, zoomed in close, no object/smart cursors appear...switch to front view, and 'object' appears, so I can snap them together, but when I switch back to isometric view, the end points don't align. It must be some intuition I'm lacking or something...can u hepl? THX!
  19. I need the old driver u speak of. Can u pls email it to me matcaird@hotmail.com Thanks
  20. The layers are cool. it's got something to do with 'sub-objects', or something...Anyway, I'll plod on as is for the mo...Thx 4 yr help
  21. I'll tell you something about this Buz, 'cause I know you're gonna help me with my classes question You usually start a set of working drawings with the site plan. The site plan becomes drawing 1, on sheet A1. The level 1 floor plan is drawing 2, sheet A2. You might have room for level 2 floor plan on sheet A2, so it becomes drawing 3, sheet A2. On the floor plans, you will show a section line indicating where-abouts the section is taken through...the first one will be called section a-a, and will refer the 'user' to the sheet that the section is printed on (eg A4). The drawing title for section a-a (on sheet A4) will show a-a, and A2, which indicates that the 'user' should look at sheet A2 to see where the section was cut thru. Sing out if u want me to go on&on&on
  22. Yeah Buz, it's the only visible class...the columns I just drew on layer "rafters" are visible, but not the rafters. If I select a rafter, (I have to turn on class none first), the object info pane says the rafter is on class "rafters". This is the sort of s..t that drove me away from AutoCAD...the block is created on a different layre than the current layer when it is inserted etc...
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