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  1. I am trying to do an in depth site analysis and keep running into problems. 1. When trying to create a report of several site model parts I am getting a database that displays nicely all the numbers for individual models. What I don't get is the sum total of cut and fill by adding things up (probably due to the units). Any suggestions? 2. My client asks for a chart of cut / fill depths to be visually displayed on the model. (similar to the slope analysis) How could that be achieved? e.g. 0 to 0, 5 m fill / 0,51 to1,0 m fill / -0,01 to -0,5 m cut etc.
  2. this is a typical conflict situation: all three grades are connected and have the same height at the conflict point.
  3. I keep getting modier conflicts from properly connected grades within a grade network. How ist that even possible and what is the resolution of this?
  4. I am trying to export several objects as an IFC project from a vwx-file. However, I keep hitting problems: 1 I cannot export several mesh objects because apparently they lack a fill ?? 2 I am able to export a DGM and all the other model entities separately but not together in one IFC. Before exporting I have to set the layer's height to the projects 0,00, which results in the site's level being 0,00 as intended, but all the other objects sitting on their original heights. All the objects appear to be on the same range of heights when looked upon in the VWX-file. Where do I have to search for the mistakes? p80III_modell_200831.vwx p80III_modell_200831.ifc p80III_site_200831.ifc
  5. @Mike Lamb @bgoff any ideas? No solutions?
  6. Hi Mike, The file might be too big to attach (50 MB). So I created a Dropbox-link for you to download from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yv6gfp7kks4pl0h/p80III_modell_200128.vwx.zip?dl=0
  7. Hello everyone, Is there any debugging procedure for a DGM? I have a set of modifiers, pads and grade limits, tried to adress most modifier conflicts, but there are still strange things happening in the resulting topography. For one proposed countours do odd zig-zags in unexpected places, which cannot be deleted using the "modify proposed contours" mode. It is possible to delete the extra vertices, but they just bounce right back. Also, straight and curved roads create overlapping pads which then result in modifier conflicts. Is there a way to connect them properly?
  8. @bgoff thank you for the helpful remarks. However - I spent the entire weekend trying to get the model to work - no success. Simplifying the polys scambles up everything. So I restarted with the original site data, using Pads - what happens ist still not the desired outcome. I am using pads with retaining walls and grade limits with that. There still is topography inside the building sites, but i do not understand why. Could you maybe have a look at the file and let me know, what I am doing wrong? https://www.dropbox.com/s/om2icznauy93szs/p80II_modell_v2019.vwx?dl=0
  9. @bgoff The workflow you describe is exactly what I have done, but results are not ok. See screenshots above: upper model - generated, but faulty lower model - original 3D-Polys
  10. I am looking for a way to create a site model from predrawn contour lines. When creating 3D-polys and using them with "Create Site Model", Vectorworks calculates a new and faulty topography. Ultimately I am looking for a way to calculate cut and fill, so i need to compare the new model to an existig site model. I am happy about any suggestions !
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