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  1. Focusing lights

    check to see if there is a curtain in the way (was my problem - the set designer put one in and it was hidden), that wasn't showing up. I deleted all the layers except lighting and stage and it worked
  2. applying textures

    Thanks things are good Appreciate the help
  3. applying textures

    Thanks both worked Not sure how to adjust the size. It is a brick pattern that is going on flats 4'x8' and so fat I an just getting a blur
  4. applying textures

    VW 2018 What I want to do is apply a texture to a 4'x8' flat -1" thick, created with the wall tool - using the resource manager. I have done it before, but for some reason this time it only applies the texture to is the edges of the object, not the face. I select the object, then double click the texture from the RM, and it shows on the edges. I have gone into the OIP and tried different settings in the render tab, but none make it apply onto the face of the flat. Tried Fast Renderworks and open GL. Second question - how do I get custom textures, like JPEGs, into the Resource Manager?
  5. VW to LW to EOS

    No one is exporting addresses from VW to LW???
  6. VW to LW to EOS

    I am trying to make this process work smoothly. I am putting all my instrument info in channel and address in VW to send to LW, so i can send the patch to my Ion from LW, but I can't get it to work. I have John's instructions on the importing into LW from VW, but it won't send address into LW. If I put the info into dimmers then it will go into LW - then I have had to copy and paste the dimmers into address to send to my Ion. AND the the funny thing is with live on between LW and VW LW will update the VW info to channel and address and empty the dimmer info in VW??? I am really confused I can't export VW address to LW address. What am I missing?
  7. Focusing lights

    the issue is LED instruments cannot have color set in VW you need to open Nomad and DMX the color
  8. Focusing lights

    these are ETC S4 LED Lustrs - in the OI palette there is only one option to set color and it is set at R80. I checked edit light palette and still only one color option. fixture mode in the OI is correct Baffled - maybe a call to vision tech support isi n order
  9. Focusing lights

    but another one popped up. I set the colors of the instruments in VW to R80 - but they are not blue in Vision?? they are NC - new to this vision thing
  10. Focusing lights

    2018 in both VW and Vision Found the problem - there was a curtain in the drawing the set designer sent me that wasn't showing as active on any layer. I deleted all the layers except lighting and it works!!
  11. I was under the belief that if you set a focus point in VW and focused standard fixtures on it, sent it to Vision, when you brought up the fixture it would be focused on that spot. I can't get it to work. Am I mistaken in this??
  12. VW freezing

    that seems to have solved the problem :-)
  13. VW freezing

    It froze again, this time with only the laptop open - external monitors not connected. Attached it the full report. DxDiag.txt
  14. VW freezing

    I was gone for about 30 minutes - my VW was open on my computer. I came back to the message "Vectorworks 2018 Application has stopped working. :-(
  15. VW freezing

    I haven't tried that as I usually have LightWright up on one screen, and some times Vision on the third. I prefer using VW on the 24" monitor instead of the 15" laptop screen. Will take some to find out if it does this with just the laptop. But I do know that I have had the opening problem when just booting the program up with no external monitors.


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