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  1. C.Miguel

    Story Elevation on marionette

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for your answer. The file works great...And I will follow the steps to create first Story and then classes, didn't know that. For the unit, it doesn't matter for the moment, I will wait the bug solved and will process has you said. Thanks again for your solution.
  2. C.Miguel

    Story Elevation on marionette

    Hi, I did a marionette script using some DomC script (thanks to him) to setting up quickly all the classes, layers and stories and get the good setup for every project I Would have. I got the class, layer and story creation working fine. My problem come when I want to setup the story elevation. I was using the function (vs.SetStoryElevation)seems not working. My next step would be to set every layers with the correct story, I guess using ( vs.AssociateLayerWithStory). Could you help me to find what I'm doing wrong...kind of new user. You will find enclosed my file. Thanks ClasseListe.vwx
  3. C.Miguel

    Wall Components in Worksheet

    I try to figure out if it was possible to get a list of all walls components. What ever is the wall style I just want all the component used in my building (insulation, concrete...). The problem is that componentName ask me for a number, corresponding to the number into the wall style. There is a way to say that I want all of theme like 'componentName(all)' or something like this. You will find enclosed the file with some walls and the worksheet supposed to list all component. In fact the list is only the first layer of each wall, which is not what I want. componentWorksheet.vwx


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