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  1. I have installed Vectorworks 2018 and specified the Name and Company, but for some reason it does not come through when I start up VW. It was deployed using SCCM, the server licence is retrieved from the server, byt not the above info. Can I get the Name and Company passed back from the server to the client? Can I populate the info on the client machine in the Registry or an XML file? These machines will be used by our students, and they will logon with their AD info, so each person will logon to different machines. Any help would be appreciated, as this is the last step for my deployment Kind regards Brian
  2. Can I export the settings from Vectorworks with all the Information populated and updates disabled to a file(s) and then copy these file(s) over the new client machines being deployed out. If so how and what do I need to do this process please
  3. Do you know if you can set this outside of VW, such as in an .xml or settings files in the Program Files area. As I want to set this as a standard feature, as the machines are to be used by students and I want to limit the the options available.
  4. How to disable Vectorworks Client prompting for updates - Is this possible via a setting locally on an .xml file or registry setting if possible. As I want to deploy the updates centrally and not have this prompted on the client machines. Kind regards Brian
  5. Disable Vectorworks Client Startup Window - Is this possible from setting a command in an .xml file or registry. The issue I have is that teh Name and Company Name are not being populated when the client starts up, as it is getting its licence from a Licence Server. Can the Name and Company Name be sent over to the client from the server? Can I populate this info directly on the client machine in an new xml or existing xml file. I need to get this resolved asap. Kind regards Brian
  6. I have noticed in my Registry that the Registration Information for Name and Company are not available as a value. Can I set these in a file outside to be used for the client, such as a new xml file or existing xml file. I need to get this resolved as soona as possible. Kind regards Brian
  7. Ok thanks for the info. As when my client starts up it asks for the Name and Company info all the time. I have updated the Login xml file which points to the server for the server info. So what I need to know is where the above Name and Company info is stored. I will check the above solution when back in the office
  8. Does this info get stored in a file on the machine in an xml or ini file at all?
  9. Location of Vectorworks 2018 Personalised Settings File on the client machine. I am looking for a file which holds this info which can be set as a default for all users to use. As I deploy Vectorworks 2019 using SCCM and it is not seeing the Name and Company Info after the deployment. So I am looking to try and set this after the install via updating a file on the client machine via a script in SCCM or a GPO. I need to get this done asap, so any advice would be appreciated. Kind regards Brian


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