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  1. Hi I was just wondering is there any possible way I could change the shape from this to more a 'splade' look??
  2. Oh no.... I accidently deleted the under layer to the fork and now i cant 'Undo' any more times
  3. Okay sounds good- im worried when i send this for 3D printing it will be very out of proportion due to me not measuring each shape i make.. what do you suggest?
  4. How come when i place my objects they look like this and yours looks like this ??
  5. Yes I am making the exact replica to be made for people so i have to make sure it isn't completely out of proportion. I will give it a go of making the curves along the handle now
  6. Would you be able to insert your file also? If i send mine in will you be able to open it?? Also, do i have to make the exact measurements as I am going or can i edit them at the end? As this is going to be 3D printed so the sizing must be appropriate.
  7. That video is so helpful, ill try myself now but using those skills i can create more curves in the handle like the original photo i attached. Im excited :)))
  8. Can't wait to watch it !! Keep me updated
  9. Only if you had time, a tutorial on the handle would be amazing !!!!!!! If not whatever you can do is that helpful !!!!
  10. Oh thats unfortunate, yes whenever you can is perfect!! I really am liking the tip of the cutlery item just cant enjoy the handle and the connector the same way !!! Thanks Again :))))
  11. Ive tilted the tip of the cutlery item as im wanting it to face down. Im so sorry for all the questions you just have been a lot of help.. and im over time in handing it in This is the design i am hoping for (inspiration given by image attatched as well) Ive created the handle, the tip now just wanting a connector like in the image below where the user can 'pinch' onto
  12. That is honestly so much help!!! Im up to the 3D filleting stage yet my shape doesnt seem to looked filled even though the fill button is on therefore the filleting is not working ?? I downloaded my file if that was any help to you Final Copy.vwx
  13. Thats so helpful, Thank you so so much !! Means a lot.. its due today to be sent off so ill be online all day !!!
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