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  1. I didn't see it mentioned, so I'll add it to the thread: do any of you guys know there's a scaling parameter that can be set when importing a VW-model into C4D? ?ou can find it as follows: - Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export > VectorWorks Import - Then simply pick the right Scale factor. Best, BaRa P.S.: if you're into photorealism, you should really consider the fourth and last 3Dfluff DVD.
  2. I have no problem with exporting IGES - and I'm able to open the export in StudioTools, Maya, Form-Z and CINEMA 4D (with the Okino translator). Does that mean IGES doesn not function?
  3. IGES compatibility is not guaranteed. As a matter of fact, when your read the documents that come with VW, you will see that its functionning is not guaranteed - period. This is true for all software products (or at least for the ones that are sold on the broader market - it's different for software for, let's say, airplanes - CLASS 1 type of thing).
  4. Deciding what goes into the fundamentals, and what goes into other versions is very difficult. And if you have many versions - like NNA - then the problem grows exponentially. Nevertheless, there should be a difference between versions. Otherwise we would end up with one single version like the industry series, and we would all have to cough up the money for that version. Are you prepared to do that? I don't think so, otherwise you would probably be using the industry series (or designer version). So yes, NNA's decission is debatable. But if your 3DS exchange would be included, then some other part might be left out. And other users would start complaining. So there's only one possible conclusion: if it's something you urgently need, and it makes a big difference for your business, then get a version that allows the exchange. If you think it's too expensive, then think about something like your car (if you have one). Most people need a car for their business. And most people buy something uterly expensive, while they could have had the same result - getting them from A to B - with a lot less money. And perhaps they complain about the price of gas, but do you see them returning their cars? So instead of buying the cheaper thing with equal business results, they bought something more expensive. Now back to VectorWorks, which you probably use during a big part of the day, and which helps you to make money. You know how much it costs you. You know how often you need the 3DS import. You also know that, if a library exists in 3DS, it's also almost always available in DXF. Do you often have libraries that come as 3DS only? Does it take a lot of time to get them into VW? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it is worth to upgrade to another version of VW. And yes, I do believe it is as simple as that. People get all sentimental on software, while software is only a small part of your company investments. No-one forces you to upgrade. You have to decide for yourself if the upgrade is worth your money. Cheers, BaRa
  5. A small comment - for what it's worht - on the LWA subject. The most common format for 3D libraries is 3DS. VectorWorks is not a 3Danimation application, so it doesn't need to be able to import a pleiade of 3Danimation formats. When you have LWA libraries, chances are that they are also available in 3DS. The other way around is less likely. So I think NNA made the right choice, by adding 3DS instead of LWA. That way most people get served. About the Designer version: perhaps NNA should have used something nondescriptive like "revit". Then there would be no such discussion Best, BaRa
  6. You'd better wish to get RW 11.5, because RW 12 will not work with VW 11.5.
  7. This has been solved in 12. The different design layers are converted to blocks in the model space, all on a scale of 1:1. The sheet layers are converted to layout pages. As to how to solve it in 11.5: I don't know - sorry
  8. Hi Peter, In what way are you missing this? I'm not saying it's not a valid request (you're the one using the software ) but I'm curious as to when you run into this situation. Best, BaRa
  9. Use the VectorWorks viewer. You can distribute it freely, it reads VW files, and you can change stuff like layer and class visibilities or paper size, but you cannot modify the design in itself. Objects in the file remain untouched. Best, BaRa
  10. Hi Richie, Thanks for the very clear example. I understand what the discussion is about. I've used ACAD in the past, but never had much use for the UCS. No that I see how you guys are using it (in Microstation), I understand why you want it. You have my vote. @Shaun: You're mixing up a two things, namely live sections and the detailing of your construction. VW 12 handles live sections very well - a lot better than ArchiCAD in my opinion. Just one example: it's all done in one and the same application, instead of two different ones. The live sections in VW 12 can differentiate between the different parts of your 3D-model. Of course, the parts can only be visible if they are actually there (in the 3D-model). If you don't see them in the section, that means they are (a) either hidden or (b) simply not there. What ArchiCAD does (or is supposed to do - it does make mistakes, for instance if you have an intersection of a brick interior wall and a concrete slab - Allplan does a better job at that), is draw the whole set of data not only in 2D, but also completely in 3D. VectorWorks 12 doesn't do that (yet?). So if you're saying that VectorWorks doesn't work like ArchiCAD does, then I agree 100%. If you say that BIM in VW is not the same as BIM in ArchiCAD, then you're right as well. That doesn't mean VW doesn't use BIM - they have a decently developed Building Information Model. It might be different from others, and perhaps you prefer other BIM implementations. When it comes to live sections however, I think you are - without wanting to sound harsh - completely mistaken. The live section function in VW 12 is one of the best I've seen in recent times.
  11. quote: Originally posted by Peter van der Elst: Bara -> Dank U wel (thank You) !! Will Renderworks 12 also be available? I'll keep an eye on the designexpess site! Regards, Peter Yes, RenderWorks will (of course) be available. If you want, you can subscribe to our e-newsletter. We send it out at least once a month, and we will include any VW related news. Subscribing can be done on our Dutch website (you can also use the French, but I assume you prefer Dutch). Best, BaRa
  12. quote: Originally posted by Peter van der Elst: Looks very good. Too bad we have to wait half a year before it reaches the Netherlands. I would also like to see some more images with the new renderworks engine ie. Radiosity and the soft shadows etc. I can't seem to find them on the NNA site. VectorWorks NL Pro is scheduled for 20/11/05 - one month after NNA starts shipping VW 12. The other versions (Architectuur, Interieur, Tuin etc.) are scheduled for 15/01/06. There's a preview of 12 at both the HUWA-Vandersanden seminar in the Netherlands (www.designexpress.be/HUWA/) and the ACF-show in Brussels (www.acf.be). Best, BaRa
  13. If you order the exchange plugin for VW and C4D, then you should have the best solution on the block. Animation is easy in C4D. You can keyframe (animate) almost every parameter an object has. Making objects appear or move is one of the simplest things around. You should be fine with C4D. I would without any hesitation advise you to get the architectural Bundle from MAXON. You won't be needing Advanced Render for this job (radiosity), but you will probably enjoy Sketch & Toon very much. I make architectural animations myself, based on VectorWorks 3D models. There's nothing online - the movies are too large and I don't have time to update my site - but if you have any questions, the don't hesitate. You can drop me a line at bart@designexpress.be if needed. Cheers, Bart
  14. RPC doesn't work with VectorWorks. You need a special plugin for that. And they're a combo of low-poly 3D (in the case of people a simple plane) and high-rez variable 2D.
  15. quote: Originally posted by islandmon: http://www.kennethsnelson.net/new_structure/structure1.htm Thanks for the link!
  16. I don't agree with the viewpoint of tgm. I do understand the frustration, but have the feeling that some points are not taken into account. (a) 11.5 is a free upgrade for everyone. However, the industry collection users paid more for their version than basic users. Therefore it doesn't seem strange that, when the freebies are being handed out, industry users get more than basic users. (b) I doubt that the same emotions would surface if Sketch would have been included in the version 12 industry collection. It would then have been perceived as a typical item of the industry collection for which people have to pay. © If you take a look at what Sketch does, then it would make sense to include it in RenderWorks. Which would mean that everyone who wanted it would have to buy RenderWorks. But NNA didn't do that. They gave Sketch away in the Industry collection, although they would have made much more money by including it in RenderWorks. (d) In recent years the .5 upgrades have always been free upgrades - not just bug fixes, but also improved functionality. You bought version 11. If you take a look at Sketch, then I'm actually surprised to see NNA give it away for free to industry collection users. The same holds true for the changes in the basic collection: there are a couple of improvements for which you would have to pay if you were using other software solutions. But instead of appreciating the stuff that is given away for free in 11.5, some people have only one message: "you didn't give us enough for free". Perhaps I'm looking at it in the wrong way, but isn't that a tad ungrateful? After all, you bought version 11, not version 11.5, did you? Cheers, BaRa
  17. Eddie: please compare the real resolution (real pixel size) of your export to the real resolution of your viewport image. Cheers, BaRa
  18. quote: Originally posted by kaiskai: Only two renderers I'd even recommend over cinema's, and they both cost over 3 times the price not including the applications needed for them, and have very steep learning curves and no bridge to from VW directly as cinema does. hmmm... Mental Ray and Renderman? Or would one of those be Splutterfish'es ofspring? Cheers, BaRa
  19. Hi Sofia, Could you show us an example of what you're expecting from a render solution? I have the feeling we're all stabbing in the dark here. RenderWorks will do the trick, as will Art.Lantis and CINEMA 4D. But the choice will depend on the output quality you need. I have to agree that you cannot compare 3dviz or 3dmax with either RenderWorks or Art.Lantis. The only direct competitor here would be CINEMA 4D. But I also agree that in most cases 3dviz and certainly 3dmax is just overkill. So again, it depends on the output quality you want. B.T.W.: I have the feeling that the ACAD guy at your office needs some kind of VW training. Asking things that "are as good as in ACAD" suggest that he doesn't (yet) really understand how VW works. Kind regards, BaRa
  20. Hi Kai, welcome to the club. And AndyM: nice controls you got there for your gobo's in C4D
  21. You have to export it using RenderWorks textures as export criterium. That should work.
  22. Let me rephrase this: "Katie, please tell me what will be in version 11.5. If possible, I would also like to know what will be in version 12 and 12.5. I don't care wether this conflicts with NNA's strategy to never reveal anything about future releases, I want you to make an exception - especially for me." And now the reality check. NNA doesn't tell you up front what they're up to. If you have 11, you will get 11.5 for free. So if 11.5 has those features, you will get them for free. If 11.5 doesn't have them, then you will have to wait until VW has them. And if you can't wait, you have to buy either doodle or SU. Have you checked their prices? How much would you lose on betting that 11.5 doesn't have those features? Not too much, if you ask me. Bottomline: if you need it, buy it. If you can wait, wait. Cheers, BaRa
  23. Looks like you can do it with layer linking ... Cheers, BaRa
  24. If you want proper (vector based) import of AI files, well, that's not yet been implemented. However, if you want bitmap tracing, that has been in VW for quite some time. Cheers, BaRa
  25. You're right Aaryan, VectorWorks urgently needs an update of the camera simulation. This one is almost as old as the first MiniCAD.
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