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  1. "It begins". Maybe he just meant the buzz around VW 2015? I don't know, as long as NVW doesn't publish anything officially labeled VW 2015, I'd take this with a grain of salt. 64 bit looks like a real thing, but that design? I didn't hear him confirm it really.
  2. There are different ways of making curtain walls. You can, for instance, use the autohybrid object. Given the type of design, it wouldn't surprise me that they used that. A curtain wall tool that would do that: don't you think that would be pushing it?
  3. So someone posts a picture of a facade design and OpenBIM, and you automatically assume that it's about Vectorworks 2015? I think I'm gonna ask you guys to fill in my lottery slips from now on, you seem to believe you're clairvoyant. Or how people always read what they want to read, and not what is written Good news concerning 64 bit!
  4. No, they're not. They might look the same, but if what you say were true then you wouldn't be able to make a window take off in the spreadsheet (windows don't appear in the RB)
  5. I know they're hiring, perhaps this is the time to join them?
  6. So they say that having 2012 and 2013 installed gives problems? Can this be confirmed please? We've been running them alongside each other for months now (yes, beta versions). No problem whatsoever.
  7. I actually prefer this kind of marketing. The problem is my expectations of VW aren't dictated by VW, they're dictated by the competition. What you actually mean is that your expectations are dictated by the competition's marketing...
  8. First you complain that Vectorworks is not fast enough. Then NVW spends time on that. And now you say they cannot communicate the news about improved speed to the user? Hmm... If you want to complain about NVW's speed claim, then you're at the right place. If you think the speed up is bogus, then by all means illustrate the problem you're experiencing. But discussing wether a speed up is a feature or not... there's no added value in that.
  9. I'm sorry, but despite your screenshot I don't understand what you're asking. Could you rephrase? (of zeg het in 't Nederlands, dan begrijp ik het ook wel ;-)
  10. I don't think there was an actual convention in the past, it was more of a local thing: some people drew in one way, other people in the other. But with 2011 and slabs, there definitely is: you do have to draw clockwise, otherwise your slabs will never work.
  11. I don't find that relevant. If you provide a tool to draw walls and slabs in 2D / 3D, it should work in all cases. Yes, there will always be exceptions, but when you can only manage 90% of your daily routine with these automated tools, and you then start losing time trying to find workarounds, then you simply stop using these automated tools alltogether. And you start doing it the old fashioned way again, with separate 2D drawings and 3D models, because it appears faster. The wall networks in VW just might have reached their limits, it might be time to start looking for a different paradigm.
  12. Please do - and keep it up. NVW can only try to solve a problem when they are aware of its existence. That's not a guarantee that it will be solved quickly (a problem might have hooks all the way into the core of the software), but if you don't give them real examples, the problems will never go away.
  13. Fundamentals is a professional solution. It's not a toy, the people who use it do so in a professional context. However, it is also an entry-level solution. Nothing more, nothing less. If you need to output a PDF, use one of the free PDF printer drivers. The PDF support in the market-specific versions is much more elaborate - it allows batch processing, for instance, and that is not something I associate with entry-level work. And, as is typical for these discussions, it's really about "I think I deserve more features for my money". Well, you get what you pay for. If PDF export is so important for you and you think the lack of it hampers your workflow, you should upgrade to a more complete version. That's all there is to it. And once you have a more complete version, you will quickly discover lots of other tools and featues that you can't actually live without if you're using VW on a daily basis.
  14. I beg to differ. A lot of the processor intensive operations in VW are carried out by Parasolid (both 2D and 3D). And AFAIK, that code operates under 64 bits and is multi-core (when the processes can be split at least, since not all operations can be split, but I guess you know that). So no, the interface isn't 64 bit, but you're not going to gain a whole lot of speed with a 64 bit Ressource Browser, are you?
  15. A bit more advanced (and in Dutch, but since it's a movie it should be more or less self-explanatory): http://www.youtube.com/user/MrVectorworks?blend=3&ob=5#p/u/0/Ztb2mQRZvGw
  16. I'm not sure if you noticed, but Machine Design has been discontinued since version 2011. Your suggestions and requests make sense, but there's not much of a chance that they will be implemented. I actually doubt if NVW will do anything else but maintain the status quo.
  17. What service pack are you using? Did you assign Renderworks materials to your objects in Vectorworks before exporting?
  18. Hi Chris, Although Robert is right (it isn't a simple join), I do agree that this type of join happens too often in the "real world" to just ignore them. Thanks for pointing it out.
  19. I beg to differ. Sketchup is great for surface modeling, but can simply not do volumetric modeling. As a result, Sketchup offers no straightforward way to model "the other side" of you design. Either outside or inside, but both: that's a different pickle. And I my book, for architectural modeling you need both inside and outside. For presentation purposes, this might be something else, but for modeling as in "supporting the design process" I think Vectorworks' solid modeling is better suited to pull it off. Concerning the perspective view and OpenGL support: you hit it right on the head. Vectorworks needs an overhaul in that area. I actually almost got into a fight with an NNA representative 7 years ago when "discussing" that very topic. So it's not new, and they have been aware of it for a long time, it's just that there's so much to change (like in every software, BTW). The fact that people say things like "I don't understand why they didn't change this yet" just shows that they don't realize what else has been done instead.
  20. PDF export still exists both on Mac and on PC. It might not be available in the specific package you saw - I'm not sure it's included in the base version.
  21. I don't remember Nemetschek specifying that you would get an increase of 500% with direct light (raytracing). The C4D render engine calculates indirect light faster than the Lightworks engine, this is where you will see the difference. The reason why the Lightworks engine was not up to par, is not because of its raytracing capabilities. It was because you could not use it *at all* for radiosity calculations. As Dave pointed out, the noise you get is because you use an HDRI without any GI calculations. You have to use at least one bounce to make them go away. You had the exact same result with the Lightworks engine, BTW: if you used an HDRI without radiosity, you would get a grainy image too. One last thing: when you make a render, please don't use the ambient light option. It makes your rendered result look fake.
  22. LOL! That's a whole lot of marketing speak for something that has been around for ages in polygon-based 3D-modeling applications. :grin:
  23. I know you get a mesh. That's what you get in ArchiCAD as well (when you combine it with C4D), and as far as I can tell you get a mesh in ACAD as well. I didn't say it was a good workflow, only that it seems ACAD is using this method to create blob-like geometry. As far as I can see, they are NOT using NURBS to make that blob. I know DWG is a carrier for NURBS, but I think that they're using Subdivision Surfaces for this blob-thing. Of course, I might be mistaken. ACAD cannot convert the geometry to a wall either. Even ArchiCAD cannot. They can integrate the geometry in the model, but it's not a wall object in its strictest sense. At least Vectorworks allows you to substract from / add 3D objects to a wall object (since VW 2010). Why would NNA have to implement .3dm (assuming that McNeel indeed offers it as an open format)? Vectorworks supports IGES, X_T, and a couple of other NURBS-enabled formats.
  24. Punch a hole in your lofte surface for your window, and align your 3D working plane with the snapping points of that hole. That way you can draw your window geometry directly in the right 3D plane.
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