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  1. 👌 what about the dimensioning tool? Are there any plans for dynamic dimensioning in 3d?
  2. I wish a shape Tool for 3D Solids to shape solids and Furniture. The shape tool shud be the same function how shape tool for the 2d geometrie.
  3. Thanks for the input. I will check marionette object, from Alan Woodwell.
  4. How i can creating Custom Parts with the marionette script? The goal is to get a variable cabinet. I want to draw furniture with custom Parts from extragroup plugin. How i can handle the width and length with marionette script. I want to control the parameters.Where do I find description for driving the creating custom parts parameter? Is it possible or i have i do ro do this with python script? With normal cabinet isn't possible to do from extragroup. I'm flexible to plan with the creating custom parts. I hope i have the important words. Is there anyone else here in the forum of such component programmed? Thanks for the answer
  5. My wish is it to import step file with information. The information can they write in a data base. The material should be included in the field render
  6. Hello together I need help with Python scripts. I would like to create a Python script, which should have the following function: The Python script should read the numerical values from a text file into the Vectoworks Interiorcad. The values should then be inserted automatically into the fields of the Info palette of the VW Cabinet manager. Is there such a possibility with the Vectoworksworks Interiorcad program? Thank you very much for your help.
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