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  1. This is the first time I've tried to use the renderworks, so its never worked! Its a brand new laptop and brand new vectorworks 17. We're running on window 10.
  2. Hi I'm having a issue, with renderworks in vectorworks 17, when I click on "new renderworks texture" nothing happens, the hinks about it for a while then nothing no dialogue box appears like it should! I can attach pre-loaded textures from the classes menu, but when I right click in resource manager and click edit not happens...I can only render hidden line, open GL and final shaded styles, nothing more advanced than that... its a brand new programme only uploaded a month ago and this is the first this I tried to render something and nothing is happening! It feels like I don't have renderworks in my version at all. I can open a view port put it to final quality renderworks, then update rendering in the view port and nothing happens. I am running Fundamentals Architect Renderworks. Please help! Ivan
  3. I work in the trade show industry, we have an extensive library of parts, when we upgraded to Vectorworks 17 from 10, the quote sheet is working but some of the script is off, how can I edit it or build a new one! I have no experience whit this as it was already setup well before I started working with the company! We have part names, description, price and category numbers all to work together! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ivan
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