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  1. Aaah! Wouldn' t have thought to do it like this. Thank you! I ll experiment some more on it
  2. Hello Thank you for the reply.I m sharing the file here. The loose circle is just pending for now, since I m missing the rest of the script. Maybe sending the script was a bit confusing as it is work in progress.The main point is that I don't know how to create a NURB from points on those arrayed extrusions, in order to eventually create a tube. Sorry for the confusion. Alkistis_tube_trial.vwx
  3. Hello everybody! (again) I am unsure how to make something in marionette. I have already made an array of objects along a path, which are then subtracted by a boundary volume. The result is the one seen on the screen shot. What I am trying to do now, is create a tube passing from the middle of the top edges of all arrayed objects. I am trying to use the "Get 3D edge" command and then create a NURB, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas? Thank you
  4. Yes! You are right! That does it. Thank you, now it works perectly!
  5. Thank you Marissa. Indeed without the subtract node everything works quite fast. I wonder if there is some other way to do this? Split by a surface for example?
  6. Hello everyone! I am a new user of marionette, and although I am usually working with grasshopper, there are certain things still unclear to me about marionette.. In this case, I am trying to duplicate a profile along a given path and then alter the overall shape by a boundary surface. Although the script is running and I have the desired result, every change takes a very long time to update which makes the script very difficult to work with. The file size is not big and the task is not a very complex one, so I think there must be something wrong about the script itself. Can somebody help? I am attaching the vectorworks file here. example-Alkistis.vwx


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