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  1. Thanks for the reply Marissa! This is only a small example that I made to make my script easier to understand. The full script is in this topic of few days ago .. Referring to your notes: 1. I used customised nodes using python due to the complexity of my object. 2. I don't use control geometry because I have more then 20 elements in the control geometry: I tried to group them and make them into a symbol in order to use control geometry but in the end I had issues (instead of displaying the symbol, I only saw a polyline) 3. To avoid this problem, I tried to place a 3d locus in the zero of my control geometry and in the node involved I extract the location of the locus to use it for movement, but it doesn't work 4. To be honest, I can also don't duplicate the surface.. it's not crucial to my script.. but I try to not duplicate it and the result is still the same.. The funny thing is that my script works perfectly but, when I wrap it to make the marionette object, I had a lot of problems, most of them solved in a way or another.. However thanks for your reply! I hope you can figure out a nice solution! Thanks again Marissa!
  2. Hello! I want to reference my marionette object to a geometry which is outside my control geometry, naming it in the menu of the marionette object I create (as shown in the object info panel). I made a simple example to explain better this issue. I created a rectangle (the only control geometry placed in 0, 0, 0) and in my script first I extrude it, and then I intersect it with another object that I call in a second moment. After naming the object in the menu, the result is shown (pics 1-2). If I move the surface, the script is still working (pics 3-4) But if I move my marionette object (pic 5), the result (pic 6) is wrong: actually is the same of pic 4. From what I’ve understand, the intersection is considered as if my marionette object stays in 0, 0, 0. I think it’s a reference problem, but I’m not sure. How can I solve this?
  3. Thanks again Sarah! So, I've tried everything that you suggested me and the only thing that works is the Set PRefID To Ground. Thanks for your advice. However I have another issue.. In my network there is an empty Name Node that is going to appear in the menus in the Object Info Palette, because I want my network to interact with an external geometry. (pic 1) This is the result after running the script and it works fine. (pic 2) If I move the external geometry (the white one), the script is still working. (pic 3) But, if I move my Marionette node object (and this is the case that I'm going to apply!), the script is not running properly. (check the nonalignment in the red circle in pic 4) It seems that the external geometry is in the control geometry (and it is not!). What I want to do is to move my panel in the space and relate it to an external geometry that I name in the Object info panel menu. Any suggestions?
  4. It sounds like a good idea! I will give a try! By the way I have another issue: some elements of my control geometry are 2d and they are drawn on the layer plane (not the screen one), but when I insert them in the control geometry, their plane is changed to "screen" instead of "working plane".. and if I change them from the Object info palette, this change is only temporary: if I open the control geometry again, their plane is still "screen", even if I changed before. I think I do something wrong but I cannot figure it out what. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello Sarah, Thanks for reply. After many tries, I start to understand what you mean. However the separate pieces are NOT keeping the correct spatial relationship. Maybe because those pieces are built in different file with different origins? So what I'm trying to do now is to rebuilt all the geometry inside the control geometry. Maybe it works. I will let you know if I succeded. Of course any suggestions are welcome! Thanks again Sarah! Domenico
  6. Hello! I’ve been working with marionette for a month, so I’m not an expert in the field and it would be nice if any of you can help. I created a quite complex network with customised nodes. I use both 2d and 3d control geometries (in total more then 20 objects), calling them with the “Name” node. The geometry is placed in space with a certain precision. The network is working properly. My intention is to create a Marionette object, so: I wrap my network I convert to a Marionette object I paste in place my geometry in the control geometry After step 2, I see that the disposition of my geometry in space is changed, and this is no good for my script because I need those geometry in a specific place. So I try to move inside the control geometry but nothing changes. In the first place i thought maybe the control geometry is not designed properly, so I redraw it in the proper position but the position is still not the right one. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi! I have three questions: I’d like to extrude a rectangle downward [YELLOW] til a certain surface (or volume) [RED] in marionette, constraining the extrusion to it, so if I move the surface, the extrusion will follow it. Basically I try to replicate the “project” tool in marionette.. the topic was already present more than 1 year ago but there was no answer to it (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/43877-quotprojectquot-function-in-marionette/) In addition to it, I’d like to extrude another aligned profile [BLUE] along the same surface (or volume) [RED] As consequence, I’d like to constrain the previous extrusion [YELLOW] to the recent one [BLUE]. In this case, is it enough to constrain the yellow extrusion to the red surface minus the height of the blue profile, right? In the attachment there are the starting point and the result. The first extrusion is in yellow, the second in blue and the surface (or volume) in red. I’m trying to achieve this using marionette, but I think it’s not enough. So I started to learn python but now I’m not so skilled to create a script like this. Can you help me with this? Example.vwx


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