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  1. Hello, I am having issues with Vectorworks font mapping. My 2017 version of Vectorworks seems to not recognize certain fonts (even though I have them on my computer) and they become pixelated when I export as a PDF. It only becomes pixelated for certain fonts, but when I change the font to a universal font like Arial, the PDF comes out fine. I am working on a shared file and others who use these files do not have this problem. I reinstalled Vectorworks and am still having the same issue. Additionally, is there a universal way to change all fonts in one file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thank you! OK, good to know. I'll test it out for a while.
  3. I just updated to 2017 and found that you cannot "X" out of Vectorworks like in previous versions (the program would still be open and running but you wouldn't need to minimize the screen). Now, you can only minimize or expand the VXW grayed-out screen. Does anyone know how to change this setting or is this just unique to 2017? Thanks!
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