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  1. Hello, I'm fairly new to vectorworks i know how to do the basics but now im trying to do a site plan from an autocad PDF so all the vectors are there but I just dont understand how to get the export to scale so I can import it into vectorworks and start working. When I try to export it on illustrator there is an option of scaling I dont entirely understand how it works or how to use it. Please help!

    Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 17.30.17.png

  2. i really need some help!

    so i've been using c4d and Vectorworks. created a 3D model in c4d (a small bench) did the export and import thing no problems. Then after editing the bench and pasting it into the site model layer it shows up as a tiiiiiiiiny page within a page... i have to zoom in A LOT to even see the dot of its existence. When i measure the bench it shows up as a pretty large size so none of this makes sense. 

    i've attached an image of what it looks like... that little red dot is the page within this page.

    Please help!

    Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.53.29.png

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