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  1. Hi, How does everyone make their visuals more artistic and appealing in VW Landmark? Do you export to Photoshop etc or is it possible to get better visuals from VW. I find the renders and plants a little clunky in VW. Also, when I use the artistic effects in VW the trees etc. disappear. Any top tips very much appreciated ! Thanks in advance Jane
  2. Hi, Thanks for your help Bobi. I got a reply from the VW tech support company here in the UK. They suggested that "The drawing is too far away from the internal Vectorworks origin. To rectify this if you go to Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin. This should resolve the issue." I did this and it did resolve the problem, however, I do think that there is a bug in the file as I still had to remake some of the hardscape areas to get them to show but it's all sorted now. Thanks again. Jane
  3. Hi, I am building a model and after I have created a site model of the terrain, the buildings, trees etc. (except windows and doors) cannot be seen when in 3D (any render type). They are still there in essence but the render disappears so it looks as though the windows are floating. I have ensured that the class is visible. I have tried to change the class of the buillding and the render type in case there is a bug in these. I have created a similar model for another project since and there wasn't an issue. Do you think that there is a bug in this file or am I doing something wrong? TIA


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