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  1. Hello @WesR, Is that problem happening only for the Seating Section or it is that slow for every file that has > 1000 symbols? I mean the Seating Section just calculates the points and the rotations of the seat symbols, but the rendering is responsible for drawing them. Try the same procedure(changing from 3D to top/plan) with a file that has a lot lighting devices for example. What are the results?
  2. Okay, first check if you have the default seat symbols: After that, delete your user folder and try again. If VW still crashes, upload a crash log if you can.
  3. Hello VW user, I am the developer who is responsible for Seating Section implementation. I see what are your concerns and I know for this problem. For now, we have a command "Number Seats...". You can access it from the context menu(right click on the seating section). The command is not a big deal. Just gives you the possibility to renumber your seating section, manually. The command is slightly improved in VW2018. For some SP or VW2019, I think it would be a good idea to add automation for this numbering command (it could be similar to the "Number Instruments" menu command). If you have any other question or wishes, feel free to post them. Best regards, Asen Valchev


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