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  1. Thanks, that was a fun day. you are right about the gimbal, it was pretty touchy before I configured it. That and I got the feel for the wheel now 🙂 I’ll have to take a look at your file next time I’m in front of VW.
  2. Interesting conversation and topic.
  3. Thank you. Yes, that is raw footage... shot on an overcast day... with default settings. I barely knew how to operate the drone, but I did know what I wanted to achieve. The overhead straight down shot of the bikes was cropped and panned to enhance the appearance of gaining altitude. It was shot with the first gen Mavic Pro using an iPhone as the controller screen. During many of the shots I could barely see my framing or the bikes due to glare and just focused on the road and where I thought they would be. All of the flight and gimble moves were done manually too.
  4. Yes, collecting and processing my own data gives me a simpler workflow. I imagine your person could take their data and downsample it into a more manageable size. I keep the native resolution file as a master and then generate downsampled versions until it begins to degrade visually. You could try the same with MeshLab, which is a powerful and free tool. I learned how to use it in an afternoon. I do the same thing with my orthophotos, which can get into the 100s of MB. Having a low resolution file for reference and turning off the high Rez one until you really need it makes the computer happy.
  5. Thanks! Yes, I am self-taught in the black arts of drone operations and Vectorworks 🙂 I started with the drone in December of 2016. I started dabbling in VW sometime in 2017, though I haven’t generated any meaningful work with it yet. Here’s my first stab at a drone story a few weeks after purchasing the craft. This all stated as a toy for documenting my motorcycle and travel adventures. Then I figured out it could make work a little more interesting and productive 🙂. I’m looking forward to getting back to filming some motorcycle action for fun in the coming months.
  6. @mjm I never needed up doing that stadium in VW due to time constraint. However, here's something you all might enjoy following...
  7. Made a little progress today.... Learned how to dredge my site using grade limits and pad modifiers - Almost flawless, see the diagonal line in my harbor? What's up with that? Refined topographical survey by deleting some problematic points from the data - Wow, that was easy! Imported 4 Revit and 1 3DS context models and then set their elevation using the site model - Quarantined to individual VW files and referenced into the master model. Added the sea at mid-tide - Lovely, I can now model the effects of global warming 🙂 Did I mention this is my first use of VW for an actual project? I had originally planned on doing the football stadium project in VW, but the schedule was too tight for a high risk experiment. The plan is to create our first VW project as a demonstration of landscape BIM. I can count the number of useful drawings and models I've made in VW on one hand and come from a 20 year AutoCAD background....so this is going to get real interesting. I have two weeks to finish conceptual masterplanning and make the presentation. I have excused my AutoCAD staff from the project and will bring my concepts to life on my own. This is going to be an amazing process or an epic fail...
  8. What size property are you working with? That’s huge file size. The sites I have been working with have ranged from 10 to 120 acres. I think the largest mesh I have is like 250 MB. I’m flying 70 to 90 meters AGL at 20 KPH and generating 3cm/px resolution images and meshes. I can see joints in concrete pavers, identify most plants, obtain walls/fences/parapets and even soccer goals and light poles with basic level of detail. This marina project was flown in 20-30 KPH winds and light rain. The output was surprisingly good given the conditions and the fact that I only shot one pass of nadir images. I typically save a high rez model and then make a decimated version for quick performance and smaller file size (around 20 MB). I stick them in their own design layers so I can selectively load them. It seems to help a lot. This particular project is the first time I have held the mesh in it’s own file and referenced it in... I just learned how to properly reference files in this past week 🙂
  9. Thank you. You will be interested to know that all of the work, including the mesh, is geo referenced in a local UTM coordinate system as well 🙂. It ended up being within 100mm of the land survey and has topographical character that is right on the money. So, we can investigate the site from the office now and identify any features we may have missed during our initial visit. This is the future and it’s very promising.
  10. WIP for a 1 Km long marina masterplan. Drone site analysis and massing models by me bathymetric and land surveys by others. A whole lotta independent VW files all mashed up together! VW is bringing happiness to my workflow! @Aspect_Design thanks for the pointer on reference files! @Jonathan Pickup thanks for your great website and reply to my email a while back!
  11. @Aspect_Design Thank you for the explanation, they should hire you to write their help menu 😉 And now another question... Why does the building's X & Y position report differently than its actual position? I'll explain... I was able to get this to work on a very large georeferenced site consisting of various pieces of survey data. The "site" file has all geometry located in a local coordinate system (basically a customized UTM zone). As I move around the digital site, the coordinates are reported as expected and other georeferenced data is snapping into position as expected. The building file I referenced was constructed with the primary building corner located at 0,0,0. I brought it into the site, repositioned it to its correct location (see image below). Funny thing is, when I select the building, its X & Y coordinates do not make sense for its actual location, they are off by 1000s of meters (see highlighted OIP). The Z coordinate is what I entered (meters above sea level for a coastal project) and it worked great per your original advice (setting FF to z=0 in the building file). The X & Y coordinate issue does not seem to be an issue, but it is annoying. I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly before locating a dozen buildings and starting a design. At the very least, it appears as if the contractor is building the first phase of this project in the correct locations!
  12. Can someone explain how I might accomplish the following: 1. develop a site model in VW in a file named "site" 2. develop a building in VW in a file named "building" 3. reference "building" into "site" and reposition the building it in X,Y,Z as required. ....some days pass, two parties work on each file independently... 4. update "site" to reflect changes in "building" I read the help menu and I'm more confused than ever. In AutoCAD, we would create "site" and "building" and xref.
  13. I'm not a programmer, but I remember this great set of utilities working in 2017, in Kuwait. Now it seems broken in 2019 😞
  14. Thanks for the information/commercial. I learned that Twinmotion does not currently have a link to Vectorworks, but it is "in the works". I must have missed something, but I still wonder what happens once you have invested a bunch of work in Twinmotion decorating your Vectorworks model and then have a design change that needs to be incorporated. I'm left with the impression that you might lose some or all the work created in Twinmotion. Does anyone know how you handle updating the Twinmotion file with an revised Vectorworks model.... without having to reapply textures or entourage?
  15. What is the Twinmotion/vectorworks workflow currently? Sounds like it does not sync currently... so what do you do if you import a model into Twinmotion, spend a bunch of time making it look pretty, and then have to update the model? Do you lose work?
  16. Like I said, I spent time talking with VW about their cloud services. Ultimately, it is not currently a suitable tool for anything significant outdoors IMHO. It does a great job ingesting data produced on other platforms though. It's hard to imagine VW ever catching up to the quality and services offered by others in this regard...
  17. I've been using photogrammetry for a few years, and most recently with drones. I was having discussion with VW about their cloud services a while back. I ultimately decided to use Autodesk Recap for our needs. Here's a thread with some discussion and examples:
  18. I’m interested in learning how people are managing specifications, and especially how you might be tying them to your model. Is anyone embedding specification in the model somehow?
  19. That's actually not a bad idea. I should start a thread dedicated to the actual project instead of this drone stuff. This is my first actual vectorworks project with the past year being spent on limited experiments with the key 3D tools to see if this would even be feasible. I've haven't even composed a detail or a sheet in the software yet 🙂
  20. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to share in the coming weeks 🙂


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