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  1. I've just downloaded the 56 MB, more or less, file and happily installed with out any problems.
  2. If you are new to drawing on computer, (but have drawn by hand), I would recommend VectorWorks for exhibit work. It is a quicker learn than other programs and the 3d capabilities are a plus. VectorWorks is the most widely used CAD program in the exhibit industry according to a poll of Intex Exhibit (a mfg. of protable exhibits) US distributors. I also wouldn't suggest RenderWorks but add a third modeling program called Art*lantis Render. You can directly place graphics on any shape exhibit component from an export from an Adobe or similar software product. You can also size the graphic in scale inches or metric prior to placement. I don't know if the other programs mentioned can do that. Feel free to contact me direct if you have any other questions. 262-787-1928
  3. Thanks for the reassurance and I'll look forward to when the update is available next week.
  4. I updated one of our workstations this morning and VW, Art*Lantis 4.5, Gimp Print, PhotoShop all seem to be running without any problems. Katie, has the 10.1 VW update been run with this new system software release? Like to know before it's available next week for download.
  5. Opps, hit that "Add Reply" button too fast. There were some previous posts regarding this problem, if you search the board you'll find them helpful as I did.
  6. No problem here on 2 Macs, both are configured as below.
  7. There are many tutorials out there but many are tailored to specific professions such as architecture or theatre set/lighting design. If you are a total beginner in computer drafting then there are tutorials on line that may also may help along with several reference books that are user freindly. Giving an idea of what your experience is and how you are going to use the software and I'm sure that you will get several replies.
  8. Ola, I tried that site you had first described and wasn't able to have the import work correctly. I'll try it again in the next couple of days but perhaps the files on that site have some oddity to them. Nice looking furniture though!
  9. Under OS 10.1 & VW 9.5 I was able to open the same document in VW Viewer set to open in classic and full VW open in OS10. I didn't make a copy of the file. It must be an oddity with classic, ie OS9, & OS 10.1 that it worked. I was just interested how it is intended to work. Thx. Katie
  10. In one of the pop-up windows, during the import into VW, you can also set the scale of the object which should be the same as the page you are placing it in VW.. I also check "all 3d" and make 2d copy views as needed.
  11. I use the same plotter driver for an EnCad plotter on a network. It isn't perfect but gets the job done.
  12. I use a round about method to use our network EnCad Chroma 24 plotter. To my knowledge, there still isn't a Mac OS 10 driver for this plotter so I have VW viewer set to open in OS9 classic mode & plot from there. The interesting problem is that in VW 9 I could have both applications open in the same multipage drawing and be printing one page while working on another. In VW 10, I receive a message stating that I can;t have the drawing open in both apps at once. I don't want to have 10 or more pages in separate files or creating a temp. duplicate. Is this a change from VW 9 to 10 or is it an OS change outside of VW? .
  13. 1. Try removing your preferences folder, put in a safe place, & see if program will start, creating a new folder. 2. When I've used PC's, sometimes running maintenance, including defrag, will stop problems like this. 3. And of course, the temp. removal of your preference folder and the complete reinstall of VectorWorks. 4. The absolutely most time consuming, remove all vital files and folders, wipe the hard drive clean, and reinstall. Something I do at least once a year. which really helps with program problems that heavy graphics use seem to cause. Good luck
  14. I still have do not have any problems with 10.0.1 on OS 10.2.3. I use it all day long but haven't used every function yet.
  15. My little popup software upgrade announced a +/- 50 MB system upgrade today, I've installed and currently not having any problems with VW 10.0.1. as with the other OS upgrades on one of our workstations. Katie, has NNA tested this upgrade yet for any problems? Is it safe?
  16. Unfortunately the creators of Art*Lantis do not have a great support system like VectorWorks. I update my .alt files by doing export update from VW 10 on a regular basis. What happens when you try to update the .alt file from Vectorworks? If you are running VW 10 you need the plugin for that version instead of the plugin for VW 9.5. Feel free to email me direct since this isn't really a VectorWorks issue. bryan@hartwig-exhibit.com
  17. The V4 to V4.5 Upgrade CD has the plugin file in a folder/directory named "utilities".
  18. The plug is on the CD in a folder labeled utilities.
  19. I need to import client graphics from Illustrator on a regular basis for making 3D perspective line renderings for step by step setup instructions. One trick i've learned is that the import image must have line weight in Illustrator before exporting to .dxf. Custom Type especially usually doesn't have line wieght but uses only fill In Illustrator. Another trick is when the import is taking place, choose all 3D instead of 2D/3D mix in the popup preferences window.
  20. One of two books I highly recommend are from the series of books available on www.improbability.com and secondly the book Visual Quickstart Guide - Vectorworks ISBN 0-201-70365-3 Which will have a VW 10 version available in the next month or so. Best bought from a place like Amazon.com since they are not normally in bookstores. There are also misc. tutorials on line if you search for "vectorworks tutorial" Good Luck Good luck,
  21. Try downloading the recently available upgrade to Version 10.0.1 that is available on this website. http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/vectorworks/10.0.1_page.html It has 2 specific Landmark updates plus multiple for the core VW program. The software should run ok on your cpu if you have at least 800 mhz processor(s) or faster. If you have a slower processor, like I had a 400 up to a month ago, the software does "lag" abit in function speed. Also you call the tech phone line or wait for Katie to respond on this message board, they are great at helping out with problems. Good Luck
  22. I've recently changed from a G4 @ 400 under OS 10.1 & VW 9.5.3 to G4 @ dual 1.25 under OS 10.2.2 And the problem has stopped. A fine point is that if I pick an item and then click and drag a marque (box), while holding shift key, to select another item the original item deselects. If I do the same and only point and click (No click and drag a marque/box) the original and all new objects stay selected. I believe this is how this is to work, someone let me know if I'm wrong.
  23. I had the same problem a couple months ago, you need to update to 9.5.2, which is the last non-beta version 9. If your drawing is 2d then set your view to persepctive and use the adjustable window to size the drawing to export to .jpg The combination of one or both above should fix your problem.
  24. Thanks Matt, I didn't know that had been updated. BTW, Good Luck to you in where you are going. You've been a great help over the years.
  25. Hey there, I do this alot in my work; After you convert to polyline you need to; 1. Ungroup Command 2. Then Extrude 3. If you have letters with inside spaces like "O" you may need to subtrate the center from the outside perimeter. This depends on what you are doing with the text. You will also notice that f you had italiced text it went back to normal text. So, before you ungroup take the skew tool and fake italics, then ungroup & extrude. Some Truetype fonts are alot more friendly to this than others, you will find that as you go. Good Luck.
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