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  1. I've used the Epson 3000 and wasn't too pleased with the paper tray that you needed to remove the outfeed to load the infeed. Otherwise it is a good printer from an older generation of Epsons. I'm currently using an epson photo color 1200, also out of date, which I've completely worn out the feed mechanism from use. We are looking at the new HP that prints to 24" wide and is under $ 1,500. You need to donwload "Gimp Print" to drive the older printers becuase Epson isn't supporting them well for OSX.
  2. I've heard that Windows XP is a little unstable with rendering. I've used Windows 98 & 2000 and am currently on a mac. I don;t belive that VW is optimized for the dual processors yet. You also can do a complete wipe of your hard drive to rid yourself of any conflicts and other problems that might be messing up your rendering process. Complete wipe meaning remove all your needed files and erase the disk and reload your applications and files. We used to do tht every 6 months on the PC's we had. Good Luck
  3. It depends upon the complexity of your model and the speed of your computer. Annimations basically are the software rendering each individual frame and stringing them together into a sort of movie. For a 10 to 15 second annimation ther can be over a hundred renders. The more frames per second, the more fluid the annimation. I recently did a 360 around an object rendered of chrome and acrylic and it took about 80 minutes for a 10 second annimation. Just to put things in perspective; 5 or 6 years ago doing a hidden line removal on a PII machine at 166 mghz used to take several 24 hr days.
  4. I still have that problem even after doing what you suggest. Typically I am deleting unwanted lines from a perspective line rendering. I did recently find that by switching the selection tool to "lasso", hold the shift key while pressing the primary mouse button and dragging accross the unwanted lines (not around), just before the first line switch from holding the shift key to option key while dragging, that I can select mutiple lines at one time and then delete. I haven't crashed since that discovery. I know that there are other methods of doing this but old habits... You do have to drag in a straight line or it picks other line(s) that you would what to remain.
  5. If you don't have any of the earlier versions, please feel free to email it to me and I would update it for you.
  6. Most people on the graphic side of things are used to recieving files and having to scale up from 10% actual size to full size. You could really make the files much smaller that way.
  7. It would be great if a button, or preference could be added to enable files saving, in Mac version, to automatically add the .mcd to the file. We use Mac & PC and people sometimes forget (for months at a time ) Katie, please add it to the upgrade list if not there already. Thx.
  8. Marc Go to this site for a utility freebie program called TinkerTool which lets you adjust the font size among other helpful items. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/5721 It will load into your menu dock in system prefs. As for the slow down, I noticed it when we first upgraded to OSX on our older 400 mhz G4's. When we went to the dual processor G4's the speed problem went away. There must be a minimum speed processor threshold to allow the application to work at its best. [ 05-20-2003, 05:20 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]
  9. With Art*lantis, the VW plugin is free. http://www.abvent.com/us/software/artlantis/update.asp I use RW for quick renders and Art*lantis for presentations.
  10. I believe that Version 10 opens only Version 8 & 9 files, if you have earlier files you may want to import them into version 9, and then 10, before you dump the earlier versions of the program.
  11. In a text block Type Opt-2 For ? Type opt-r for ? There are numerious other text goodies if you type opt-other keys.
  12. We updated this morning and so far no problems of any kind.
  13. No matter what type of computer you get, opt for a system that can run 2 displays. I recently started working with 2 and place the drawing in a high resolution on one monitor and then the pallets, in a low resolution, on the 2nd. I also will run VectorWorks on one and Artlantis on the other.
  14. OK, I have your answer. You can fix this by converting your symbols/PIO's to a 3D Mesh in the 3D Pull Down Menu. Artlantis sometimes doesn't import 3D items, and symbols, correctly unless they are converted.
  15. If you have custom pipes you can draw a curved line, or use the "Compose" command to join straight and curved lines. in the shape pipe you need. Next draw a circle the diameter of your pipe. Select both the circle and the curve or composed line and perform an "extrude" along path from the 3d pull down menu. The new 3d "pipe" will form on the base of your xyz axis so if it was drawn in front view it will drop out of sight until you locate it. With Artlantis, you don't export textures out of Vectorworks, just solid background colors. Also the view window in the Artlantic program is optimised to allow instantaneous viewing of changes. That optimised window is in low resolution which does sometimes appear a bit jaggy when applying textures in Artlantis. When you render the view and then open the rendered file and adjust the dpi & print size in a program like PhotoShop, it will print smooth. Don't print directly from Artlantis. [ 04-03-2003, 10:43 AM: Message edited by: Bryan ]
  16. Your other challenge may be operating system & CPU oriented. That version was only availible for Macintosh in the mid 80's with a very early apple operating system.
  17. There isn't a quick easy answer to what you described. If you have VW version 9 or 10 go and need to make a generic contour see this area of this web site and use the 3d power tools to make a surface. http://www.nemetschek.net/3Dpowerpack/qtexamples.html If you have Renderworks or similar render program, you could apply a grass texture to this contour.
  18. Try this web address for a 3d symbol of that fixture. I haven;t used spotlight so I don't know if it will work for you. http://www.vari-lite.com/2002/Products/1000/index.phtml
  19. Try checking your preferences under the file menu and see how high your 3d prefs are set, you may need to increase.
  20. Could this be related to the oddity that a VectorWorks file can't be opened from a CDR? We have to copy them off the disk to our desktops to be able to view the file. Adobe and other files open directly from the disk with no problem.
  21. If you're running on a Mac, get the Gimpprint driver and use it instead of the one Epson provides http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/MacOSX.php3 I have a Photo 1200.
  22. You can draw a circle the dia of the pipe and extrude it to length. Another neat way is to use "extrude along path" for curved pipe. Be wary of how high your 3d settings are in your prefs because you will get a mess of lines for the pipe. Alot of lighting manufacturers have symbols on their websites for the instruments for 3d & 2d work. I do lighting, pro theatre and Rock-n-Roll concert lighting background. I don;t look in this discussion area often so email me direct if you'd like more info.
  23. Annimation is in the render pull down menu. You can use a stock path or create your own. Another feature is the ability to take a photograph of a location and use it as a background. You can then insert your rendering in proportion and with correct perspective in the foreground. They call it "parallel views" as a rener option. This is new in version 4.5 but I haven't tried it yet.
  24. I've used both Art*lantis and Renderworks for a couple of years now. I use Art*lantis for larger pprojects that need a more detailed rendering for client presentation and Renderworks for quick color renderings. I have found that adobe created graphics import and are easier to manipulate in Art*lantis which is a big plus for me.
  25. When I've had similar file problems I've openned a new empty file and cut/pasted the drawing over to the new file.
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