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  1. If you are using a Mac computer, try going into your system/preferences folder and delete the vectorworks preference file. Start Vectorworks, it will automatically make a new pref file, and see if that fixes your problem. It also sounds like you may need to reload the vectorworks software. Good Luck.
  2. 1 have a Designjet 120. You need to print in high resolution, more commonly known as "Best" by the HP print driver. When I first got mine I thought something was really wrong with my chice of printer. I've find that plain paper best works the best for vellum.
  3. Sounds like you need to have your import dimensionable so I would use the .dwg method if you can export .dwg out of the original files.
  4. I import many different types of files into Vectorworks and have found that you usually need to export out of Claris Cad or Vellum to a format that Vectorworks can read. I have better luck with importing for drafting use with .dwg (AutoCad). A second choice is .eps (Illustrator) but needs work once it is imported for scale use. What are you trying to import?
  5. The "repair permissions" is in the "disk utility" app in your applications/utilities folder. It is not in OS 10.1, only in 10.2. You should run it at least once a week. I also have read that there are Unix utilities that are called cron scripts that also need to be run in certain periods of time. The problem I believe is that they are set to run in the middle of the night and most of us don;t keep our computers on 24hrs. I use a freebie app from the Apple download area called "Cocktail" that can run these utilities in the Mac OS.
  6. Go back into the workspace editor and chose edit your existing workspace, click, once or twice, on the pallet name you want to change. That name should turn into an edit box and then you can change it.
  7. I don;t have an answer for you, but have had the same problem. My work around this issue is to use the "tool/convert copy to lines/hidden line" which works much faster. I notice that you have Vector Works 10.5 with ArtLantis 4.5. Do you have problems with the Artlantis supplied translator like I have?
  8. I have a DJ120 and print on vellum (tracing paper) in either normal or best mode as plain paper. The best mode is definitely better quality.
  9. What we do instead is keep a directory filled with files containing stock items. These items usually are obtained from the component manufacturer or made by one of us. Light fixture & construction hardware mostly.
  10. "Extrude along path" in the models menu works well for this also. You could do elbows and straights together.
  11. I've found that the export function works but you can not go in and edit material assignment while still in VectorWorks. The work around is to create another new material using a new color or keep track of your color assignments and adjust the color with VectorWorks. It's definitely an issue with Abvent and they don't update as promptly as NNA.
  12. I've been using 10+ hours a day and haven't noticed any VW problems. Some odd Dock appearing & disappearing mysteries and problems with the Artlantis interface which is Abvent Software's problem. I feel that the speed issue with the Mac OS is related to the software developing faster than we all upgrade the speed of our computers.
  13. Try resetting the monitor to a higher resolution, making the screen image bigger, hopefully you can reach that pallete.
  14. I know that NNA has nothing to do with Abet Software updating their VectorWorks Plug-In for Artlantis Render. The plugin doesn't work under Version 10.5.
  15. The only problem I've run into is if the mac file doesn't have the .mcd file extension, the PC won't see it. Katie, It would be a nice option for the mac version to append the extension on the file. Thanks
  16. I'll one up the previous. Hard drives are alot less expensive than years past, I have a second backup harddrive installed (60 GIG under $100) in case my primary drive, with system software, tanks. Which it has previously. (We currently don't have a server based system). Highly recommend backing up off of your harddrive. I feel for ya, nothing worse than losing work.
  17. If they are True Type then go into your text pull down menu and change them to polyline. The draw back is that ou won;t be able to edit the text in ACAD.
  18. Download a Gimp Print driver for your small epson printer, I had some weird problems with our epsons after upgrading to OSX.2. It is a free 3rd party driver which I believe is available at the source forge website. Good Luck
  19. When we upgraded to VW 10 and OSX on our old 400 mhz G4's it was a big let down in speed from VW9. You need at least 800 mhz or faster to work effectively.
  20. I don't believe that version 9, (or was it version 8), has the "marquee" function that allows you to mark the area you want to export. In earlier VW versions I used to make a layer just to export from. It's kind of a pain but copy the elements that you want to export to this export layer and then export from there. Another way to do this is if you have photoshop, or similar software, you can go in the exported file and crop there. In This case you don't have to mess around with an export layer.
  21. There is also a book by Tom Baer called "VectorWorks 10 for Windows & Macintosh" printed by PeachPit Press. ISBN 0-321-15944-6 I taught myself CAD in the mid eighties. If you have a firm foundation in drafting with a pencil then keep plugging away with VW.
  22. I use the feature alot, what is it doing when it doesn't work for you?
  23. I have a Logitech 3 button mouse and I don't have that problem so I think your problem might be directly caused by your mouse. I just pulled my mouse out of its box and plugged it in and used without loading a driver. You have a conflict somewhere in your system. Try to upgrade the mouse driver. Good luck, I know how frustrating this tyoe of problem is until you solve it.
  24. VW10 needs at least 800 m processor to operate in 3d design. We had G4's at 400 m and did abit of waiting whie the computers rendered. We did upgrade to dual g4's @ 1.25 m and have been pleased with NNA's VW10.1.6 since. If you have older printers/plotters/scanners, check for OSX drivers or use Gimp Print. Good Luck,
  25. Convert the symbols to 3d polys before you convert all to line is one way. Doing a fast renderworks view is another but that won't get you a line drawing.
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