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  1. Try Either Command "." or "ESC" Keys. It takes a short time to stop, it is not immediate.
  2. Caroline, Some ideas; If the "missing items" are symbols or nurb items, you need to convert them to different format. Make sure you assigned the items a fill color and that the item is filled in the attributes pallete. You can also try "export all colors" in the Artlantis export dialogue box. If you were updating an Artlantis files, make sure that file is closed in Artlantis. An open file doesn't update. Hope above helps.
  3. Peter, I export back and forth from Illustrator daily, feel free to email me that file and I could tell you what's going on. bryan@hartwig-exhibit.com The VectorWorks file imports are an oddity to people who only use Illustrator. I have been training a new employee who came to us from the graphics only field and he has stated that the imported files "act" differently than a drawing originated in Illustrator. Perhaps that is what your consultants are commenting on.
  4. Eventhough the shop is white, you should make it either a coll or warm off white to the point of making it grey. When you apply lighting it will appear white.
  5. One method below (there are several) In Illustrator, make sure the outlined item has some level of line (stroke) weight. Export to AutoCad. In Vectorworks; import the Illustrator/Autocad File. When the 1st popup windo appears, assign the import as "All 3d". The imported item doesn't resize easily unless you select and convert all to line. Then you can resize. If you need to assign solids, you can select each shape and extrude & subtract solids where needed.
  6. The best solution may be to have someone recreate the logo directly in VectorWorks which is how I have previously solved situations like this.
  7. Use the Illustrator file. Make sure all the lines have weight (stroke). Export out of Illustrator as an Autocad file. Import that autocad file into vectorworks and if you need it as a 3d logo, ie able to apply to items in perspective or isometric, check the "all 3d" button in the import pop up windows. Once it is in Vectorworks, convert all to line and then work with the logo as needed (make it 3d & several inches thick, etc.) To be able to more easily resize the import I usually convert to line in any case. Hope this helps, count it as only one way to accomplish what you need. I'm sure there are different ways.
  8. You need separate licenses for a Mac vrs. a PC. They will not work cross platform. Contact customer service at Nemetsschek and see what they may be able to do for you. Good Luck
  9. Ray & BC, In Netscape you need to right button click, or pull down menu, and save target file as... I tried it and it openned on my mac. Maybe BC has an earlier version of VW than Ray?. BC sned me an email and I could send the file back to you if that would be a help. Ray, are you also in the exhibit business? Your hanging clips are quite familiar.
  10. Ditto for Art*lantis Render which I think is much less expensive.
  11. Do you run OSX utilities daily? Repair Permissions & Cron Scripts are a must to keep your speed up. Go to Applications folder/Utilities Folder/Disk Repair & run repair permissions. Apple really should have made this more known as something you manually have to do in OSX. I use an application called "Cocktail" that will run all these ecripts and shut down &/or restart automatically.
  12. Fredrick, I've found that there are no problems with VW, Art*lantis and Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop with the upgrade to Panther. Panther also seems to increase general computer speed. When I find the time I plan to update my desktop computer also.
  13. Try deleting your VW preferences in your System Folder &/or the ugly delete and reload & update. These are just ideas, you may want to wait for Katie's answer or call the tech line.
  14. Try the plugin at location below. http://www.vectordepot.com/PlugIns1.shtml It may be more of a circuit board item than you are looking for.
  15. Thanks Richard & Katie, Now I just have to find open key combinations or change some.
  16. Thanks Richard, I have the 12" with a 17" external Apple Display.
  17. Thanks Nicholas, I just received my Powerbook on Monday and hadn't noticed the FN key there until you pointed it out. [ 12-12-2003, 04:51 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]
  18. I change from top, front, side, and 4 iso views when drawing and have the habit of changing those views on the keyboard. My laptop doesn't have the 0 thru 9 keypad to which these views are assigned by default.
  19. I've just purchased my first laptop and miss the quick change view abilities of using the key pad on a full size keyboard. What is the work around be on a laptop? How do the rest of you deal with this without using the pull down menu? I don't want to carry and use an external keypad/keyboard. Thanks for any input.
  20. Make sure you are in the "Top/Plan" standard view and not the "Top" view. 2d items move easier in a 2d view
  21. I've also found at times that I'll solid fill numerous items that are grouped together but not all in the group will take that solid. I have to ungroup them to single items, make them solid & regroup them. Give that a try.
  22. Its In the File Menu under Workspace Editor in the tab window "Tools" in the upper right corner. You can make them in several differnt number of columns. I've forgotten several times to remove my saved workspaces before upgrading. You have to remove them from your VW application folder, load the updgrade and then darg them back.
  23. Update, I've been regularly checking the Artlantis Support Update page and just today there are updates for PC & Mac.
  24. I'm having the same problem you described. It is something the makers of Artlantis and others need to address in their plugins. (It's not VW's problem) Has anyone found anyway to get this to work correctly? In the mean time I keep an earlier version of VW and export from there.
  25. A couple ideas below, Select all in the grey layer and change to black line color. ACAD is sometimes used with different line colors per layer. Have you checked in your "classes" menu for the class the greyed layer maybe in is set as grey. Try importing again and the last info window that comes up lists the line colors and allows you to change them. I import/export on a regular basis, hope above helps.
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