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  1. Hey Tomas, if you take a deeper look into the Fixtures itself (Edit 3D Part), you can see that the lenses got textures. In this case it is called "Instrument Lens Glow", which emits light. Best Alex
  2. Hey, rightclick the Lighting device, and chose "Select LDs by Instrument type" should help here. Best Alex
  3. Try disabling all checkboxes in the update section of the export dialog. Something seem to refresh that has no shown geometry in it which leads into that red crossed box.
  4. We had a customer, who had the same message. Deleting the previously used Printer in the Registry helped out.
  5. Hey guys, it's possible using Data Vizulization 2023-02-10 13-09-28.mp4
  6. @Archistyles I am working on Monterey 12.2.1 on MacBook Pro M1 Max aswell. I also don't have anything bad to report here - works really good so far.
  7. Hi Miguell, ConnectCAD is a different module and therefore not included in the Braceworks / Spotlight license. Best Alex
  8. Hey, in the roadmap there is "Lasers". But it is for Vision, so it's for entertainment, not for Landscape, isn't it? Best Alex
  9. Hello Alexmarton, browsing to your userfolder and deleting the "Accounts"-Folder should be enough. User Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > Accounts Best Alex
  10. Hey sbecraft, they have been reworked merged into a several tools. It seems, that you are using an older Workspace. Take the new connectCAD.vww (maybe reset your userfolder) and you will see these tools. The new tools have the same functionality, but you need to change them in the method bar. Attached, how it should look. Best Alex
  11. @TomWhiteLight Hey. When will this happen? Thanks in Advance Alex
  12. @Janvin Lowe As your .spx says, you are using 10.14. mojave, right? Please try to undock your object info palette restart vectorworks and try to work woth the gridline tool again. Alex
  13. What exactly is the solution? Greetz Alex
  14. Hey guys, how about PostgreSQL? We tried to connect a PostrgeSQL database by using ODBC w/o success. Is PostgreSQL a supported database? Greez, Alex
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