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  1. Jodawi,

    After a few restarts, the problem with asking for a new serial number because it thinks the current one is being used, has gone away. This is as of today (12.5).


    As for the fonts, I think you misunderstood my response. The Graphite font works well with the tests I've run in using the VWA 9.5 b5 with Mac OS 9.1, not X. I basically have found I cannot use VWA (9.5 b7) with OS X since I cannot see Graphite or Tekton, the fonts we use.

    As for printing or plotting with VWA 9.01, I have found that with VWA 9.5 I cannot reliably plot to the HP 455CA. It plots about 2/3 of the drawing and the HP RIP quits our with a Type 2 error. The problem has been isolated to files that have been translated or brought over from 8.5.2 which we use mostly on a daily basis. (When we plot files in 9.01 that were started from scratch and done the cut and paste of drawing elements, fewer if no problems in plotting. I have replicated this same condition with 9.5 b5 and reported the bug to NNA.) File translation (from older versions), plotting and fonts showing up are going to be KEY for me in switching over to 9.5 in a big way, and if I am to buy more licenses as we expand the office staff next year.

    Our saviour is our HP LaserJet 4MV where we'll print at 45% and then send out the prints for a 222% enlargement to bring the drawing to full size and scale.

  2. Update?

    Much thanks to Katie Roberts at NNA. Apparently I had only downloaded the VW portion of 9.5 b5 without the VW Architect module. Reloaded and everything works fine except for the fact that it now tells me that all my serial numbers are in use. With VW and VWA, I only have one. Apparently the program is searching the network for other copies in use. In as much as I am testing this software at home on my PowerBook G3, the only Ethernet is for the printers. Go figure.

  3. CEA. Good question about running 9.5 on OS 9.x. I downloaded the 9.5 b5 patch and it downloaded and copied fine. But when I went to enter the serial number, it would except it. It is the same one for 9.01 but gives me a message that it is the wrong number format/series. Go figure.

    I did the same with VWA 9.5 b7 to run tests at home using OS X and it all works fine?except for the fonts.

  4. CEA, I believe I have the answer you seek. But it's not what you want to hear.

    I have been testing OS X at home on my PB G3 (Bronze_Lombard). The fonts like Graphite don't even show up on the menu of any OS X program, hence, this renders using VWA 9.5 useless for us on Macs until this issue is resolved by Apple.

    From what I understand, Apple will be implementing something AST or AFT, something similar to Adobe's ATM. This will allow multiple master PostScript fonts like Graphite and Tekton to be recognized by OS X. Until then, we won't be able to completely let go on OS 9.x. Until then, we will continue using VWA 9.5 b5 (once I get it to recognize my serial number!)

    Hope this helps.

  5. A font update for us all.

    I just read the following in MacFixIt:

    Also note: "PostScript Type 1 Multiple Master fonts are not yet supported on Mac OS X."

    I have all of my fonts that I use with VWA 9.01 installed in my OS 9.2.1 documents folder and am using ATM 4.6. All works well under Classic. I guess I'll simply have to wait for VWA 9.5 native or VWA 10 (?).

    Thanks all for your input.

    Final question: If I simply patch my VWA 9.01 with 9.5 on a computer running only OS 9.1, would that allow me to use my fonts and the improved version of VWA? (I have been testing all the new upgrades for OS X on a laptop at home before I make the big leap at the office.) Thanks for your input in advance. shocked.gif" border="0

  6. I am afraid all is not well. For the most part ATM (v. 4.6 for the Mac) has cured font issues in the past. I have been trying out the latest VWA 9.5 beta and found that not all my fonts show up. Graphite in particular, as well as Tekton. These are typical architectural fonts. Hence, it has rendered my use of VWA useless.

    I tried copying font files into the system's font folders, but no joy there either. Everything works fine with VWA 8.5.2 and 9.01 running in Classic mode (9.2.1). So the problem is not necessarily with ATM, unless it is more to do with System X. (Although the fonts do show up in other OS X native programs.) Might this be a bug to work out in VWA 9.5?

    Any ideas anyone? I am using a PB G3 (Bronze keyboard-Lombard), OS X 10.1.1 with all the latest software updates. shocked.gif" border="0

  7. I found the leader tood again and have imported into my workspace (VWA 9,01/Mac/B&W G3). Here's the glitch, though. I have as a default to have 60 degree arrowheads at the end of lines. But when I now use the leader tool, it places a dot at the end. How can I edit the tool to use my default arrowhead automatically?

    Similarly, I would like to apply the same arrowhead to the keynote tool

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  8. I have good news. The MS Intellimouse Optical is programmable within the control panel (if you're using a Mac). You can asign key commands to the wheel. For example, you can assign the zoom in command to when you press down and forward; zoom out when you press down and back. You can save these preference to be specific to VectorWorks. The zooming is not as smooth as in AutoCAD (it will be incremental), but it is better than nothing until NNA incorporates it into future enhancements.


  9. With the release of 9.01, we have found many of the problems have gone away. The speed issue is still there, but not as slow as before. I'd say about a 50% improvement, but not as spunky or snappy as 8.5.2.

    However, I might suggest bumping up the allocated RAM to 150MB with a minimum set (prefered) to 80MB. This appears to help quite noticeably.

  10. I have been using this software since it was MiniCad 7. I must say that it has improved tremendously, and I haven't even used half of the power it has designed within it.

    My needs are simple right now until I master the 3D tools, symbols and classes. I must say that 9.0 was an extreme disappointment in execution, yet its improvements did (or could have) improved productivity if it didn't take so painfully long to do the the simplest of things you mention: change from sheet to sheet, undo and now, using the ruler to take a simple measurement. It is still a memory hog (100MB allocated, all pure RAM) and I still get the memory error to increase the partition size when I render with Renderworks with or without shadows.

    On the positive side, Open GL works much better, opening, saving and switching between sheets, layers, and files has improved drammatically, almost to what it was with 8.5.2 (which I still am using on existing projects?I guess I am still a "beta tester" with 9.01, too).

    The stress level has been greatly reduced with this latest release, but there is still work to do to make this a snappy CAD program as it once was, and without the sacrifices of the great many improvements made.

    Bring on 9.1 (or X)

  11. I still haven't received my update. Can someone give me some idea of how long it usually takes and whether I need to contact NNA. I am registered and am assuming it will just arrive on its own. Or is that my feeling about how the software should work?I'm confused. I need to get back to designing and not worrying about CAD. =)

  12. I have had similar problems with my converted file from 8.5.2. It is my only project (thank God) that I converted as a test, but it was a working project.

    My workaround was to simply cut and paste into a new file created within 9.0. I am able to plot (HP455CA/D size) most of the time, when I can't, at least I am able to print to my HP4MV onto 11x17 at 45% of original (so that the title block prints. I then send out for an enlargement (222%) to bring back to scale and include in my set.

    Hope this helps. Can't wait for 9.01 and hope that these problems all go away.

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Henry Finch. I have taken the same test approach and am completing current projects in VWA 8.5.2. I have started one new project with VWA 9, converted one from 8.5.2. Many printing problems with the latter on the converted file all well documented by myself and others, as well as sluggish performance.

    I must say, though, that the new shortcuts and enhancements make me ache and pine for the bug fixes to 9 because I really love it and can see increased productivity on just that one new project I've started.

    Let's all hope that the latest news about the 9.0.1 release is true for the first week of July. You may notice that the press releases are from the same woman. She was kind enough to respond back to me to simply say, "it won't be long now."

  14. Select any object in or near the area you want to zoom in on and ZOOM! Works similarly to AutoCAD's.

    If you like using a multi-button mouse with scroll wheel (I use MS Intellimouse Optical USB), then you can program the software through the control panel to use the mouse wheel button to zoom in by increments. Not as smooth as AutoCAD, but swift!

  15. In response to glee, I have resorted to printing my V9 files (luckily only one project) to my HP LaserJet 4MV onto 11x17 at 45% of original (24x36). I then send it out to be enlarged 222% for a full size print.

    The key discovery I made recently is that any converted VWA8.5.2 file into VWA9 is the problem. I have begun one new project for a residential addition in VWA9 and have been able to both plot and print on my HP 455CA and HP 4MV, respectively.

    Word to the wise: finish what you have in 8.5.2 and if you dare, do only new projects in 9. I've noticed that with the latter, the speed and performance is normal! Go figure. Anybody else have similar experiences/test results?

  16. Here, hear to laldenj's comments and observations; my sentiments exactly!

    I bought MiniCAD and VectorWorks for its value-based approach to CAD and 3D design melded together over ArchiCAD and other Mac programs. To have VWA 9 falter so miserably after so many "hours" of development to improve a reliable (albeit imperfect) product only to have it create many times more the problems stated in laldenj's response is excrutiatingly frustrating.

    I can't tell you how many "hours" I have spent with Tech support at NNA and HP just to get me back to square one in being able to print alone!

    My problem is that VWA 9 has made great strides in improving the software and including a lot of the wish list items we've asked for, but at what loss to the overall productivity given the numerous bugs? Bring on 9.1 (skip 9.01). Get it working right, right now?PLEASE!

  17. Just reporting in to concur with carch that I have converted one file from 8.5.2 to 9.0 and have numerous headaches related to printing and other anomolies too numerous to mention. On the other hand, I start a new project from scratch in 9.0 and have not had as many problems.

    I am using a B/W G3, 384 MB RAM, 350Mhz, OS 9.0.1, HP 455CA plotter and HP LaserJet 4MV .

    I must note that my workaround for printing of late the converted 8.5.2 file was with the 4MV at 45% of original to an 11x17 sheet, then sending it out to be enlarged 222% onto 24x36 for final distribution. A real pain and cost, not to mention a waste of time.

    Lastly, I should note that some sheets within this file do not print at all, and I've resorted to cut and paste into a new file to print. It appears that some form of corruption in the file is occurring, but is limited to some sheets and not others. I also have discovered that AutoCAD 14 details imported earlier into 8.5.2 and then copied and pasted into 9.0 contribute to the problem of not being able to print a sheet. Upon removal of those offending drawings/details from the sheet, printing resumes successfully. (haven't tried reimporting into 9.0 directly?got work to do).

  18. wdickert, I think I experienced a similar bug that oddly enough went away after tinkering around with settings and then rebooting the Mac.

    My problem was that I would select a specific font style within a family (normal vs. say bold or wide) under the text formatting, and yet when I went to the text menu, it would say it was another font within the same family. It was displaying the correct font and size, nonetheless, but was an annoying and nagging question in mind as to whether it would print correctly. It did and then the problem of the display font (name) mysteriously went away.

  19. VectorWorks 9 does import both AutoCAD 14 and 2000i very well for 2D files, although I have not tried 3D imports. I have been working with other consultants using these types of files and it has worked flawlessly.

    What I have had problems with is importing DWG files into 8.5.2 then converting them into VWA 9 for use there (I am still using both versions). Those brought into VWA 9 somehow become corrupted and prevent printing of that sheet. Removal of those offending elements solves the problem. (I haven't had time (due to deadlines) with importing DWGs directly into VWA9.

  20. I have similar problems as many of you. My set up is the same as Mike B. I am using VWA 9. In speaking with the great tech support folks at Hewlett Packard, it appears that the installation of VWA9 somehow corrupts the HP RIP for the 455CA. Reinstallation is the solution. The problem I was having was that after the very first plot completes, the RIP quits out with a Type 2 error message. All of the remaining plots in the que are lost.

    Fonts have not been a problem though. The only difference may be that I am using ATM Deluxe V 4.6 so it is less taxing on the System.

    Hope this is of some help.

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