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  1. I have a parasolid document I imported. I would like to replace the symbols in the document with XSF truss symbols in vectorworks. I've tried multiple ways of selecting a symbol>Modify>Convert>Replace Symbol but every time I do it loses all the truss records for the new symbol and just brings in the new symbol as a standard 3d symbol.
  2. I got a reply from my email to XSF. They said that they have been working on putting together models for Vectorworks for over a year, and that they sent over the models to Vectorworks about a month ago. They said they are just waiting on Vectorworks at this point. On another note, It seems like there is only 12" truss for XSF in the library. Why is the 20.5" truss not available?
  3. How do we get XSF Truss included in Vectorworks/Braceworks? Their Protective bolt plate truss is the strongest on the market and we use it almost exclusively.


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