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  1. There is any option to use eyedropper without the tool activate the class of the object that we use it?
  2. It is a big gap in vectorworks. All CNC machines (Computer numerical control) work with this extension, compatible with Corel Draw, Illustrator, Auto-Cad, ... This failure greatly limits the performance of this type of work and exchange of files between users and companies in the printing industry! https://www.pinterest.pt/pin/175921929182377633/?nic_v1=1aNBdlG0kR1LTOs6p%2FTIRYgIkoL9PaK1Y5SDN%2F%2FE5%2FGB2f3lWwfL7LBBQNduwvyzZD
  3. It looks like a vectorized image. With zoom there are no pixels, but for example I want to work on that vector and I can't. Extrude them. I have my client's logo, I had to redraw it and strudge it. Before Illustrator had imported EPS to illustrator, then exported to DWG and then imported DWG in vector works, it seems to me unnecessary work that vector works should recognize files in vectors and give them to work on!
  4. I work with VW 2018 I just imported the same file you imported, I made Import File EPSF and it never gives me in Vectors is it always Bitmat?
  5. Hi Stanford, thanks for the quick response! I already opened the file in Scribus (Grafic Design Open Source) and it is vectorized. I Asked the customer, who has the logo designed in Corel Draw ,to export to dwg, and when I import the file, nothing appears. I would also like to import some drawings into vectors, for example from this site, https://www.freepik.com/popular-vectors and Vector Works converts them all into Bitmaps!
  6. I have my client's logo with EPS extension. I intend to import it to do in 3d. Why is it that every time I import an EPS document, Vector Works converts the file to Bitmap and I cannot access the lines of the logo design?
  7. It seems that there is no solution !!!! Nobody helps! While, Andy Broomell, I found a way around to work around the problem by activating the camera and keeping it selected, in "Object Info" change the value of "Field of View" without modifying the actived view and camera selection.
  8. When I change the field view of a camera and activate it, it always changes the field view to the initial value of 59º.
  9. Thanks Dave. I have another solution: - Sheet Layer - Viewport: - Background Render: Custom Renderworks - Foreground Render: Hidden Line This should be possible to do in Design Layer mode!
  10. Because it is possible with a switch to have two computers running alternately, it should be possible to leave one for rendering and another for running. In fact, when the program is doing the render, we are not working! And should have an option to pause and return the renders. For example, left an animation render at night, pausing and working during the day.
  11. Final Shaded Polygon with materials It's possible to create a Final Shaded Polygon with materials and shadows? Basic it´s a Final quality renderworks with lines.
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