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  1. Hi Christiaan, On export or Publish to DWGs Vectorworks creates folders for each DWG file, because except the DWGs Vectorworks also creates accompanying files for hatches, referenced viewports, images, line types, plot styles. And in most cases these files have same names, so if there are no folders for each DWG, all these files will be overwritten and the result might not look good. That is why these folders are created. When DWG export options are set to (as on the image): not create referenced viewports in separate files; not create hatch pattern files; not create images and image files; not create real line types; not create plot style files, then automatically on export to DWG folders will not be created. On Publish you will have only a folder for the document (folder, named after the VW document name). This additional folder is used to separate the sheet layers or saved views with same names from the different documents (and as a matter of fact, in case sheet layer names are same for two published document, currently PDFs and Image files will be overwritten, which is not correct, so we should actually add a folder for the different documents for the PDFs and Image files too). Kind Regards Vasko
  2. As from Vectorworks 2018 SP2 Revit Import will import revit files version 2018. By now it imports revit files from version 2011 to 2017. Regards
  3. Hi All, The best way to import revit files is when the file is saved in 3D View ( for example: {3D} View ) and then use default import options like on the image:. If it is impossible revit file to be saved in 3D View or we do not know for sure that it is saved in 3D View than it is best to use "3D Model View" option: When revit file is big (more than 100 MB ) the import may take several hours. If with these options you still have problem with importing the files please submit bugs. Best Regards


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