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  1. Hi @Sky,


    Thank you for the files, this will help us to improve Revit Import.


    14 hours ago, Sky said:

    1. If I import as 2D and 3D Views, there would be nothing there. 


    Actually there are sheet layers with 2D View drawings as you can see from the attached images:






    Yes, we have some problem with importing 3D views together with 2D views which we are currently investigating, but as you write using 3D Model View is working - you can use this too.


    15 hours ago, Sky said:

    3. If I import as a Revit (Batch), there would be nothing there.


    If you choose to use "Current file" as Destination, yes there would be nothing drawn on the design layer, but the imported objects are added as separate resources (textures, symbol definitions and so on):




    if you choose "New files in folder" as Destination, for every revit file you will have .vwx file in the selected folder. Each .vwx file contains resources (textures, symbol definitions, and so on), and objects are created in the drawing. See the image of the created .vwx files:




    I'm attaching a quick reference for using Import Revit (Batch):



    Please, let me know if you have questions?


    Best regards,


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  2. Hi @markymarc,


    The exported DWG file is Ok. I opened it in AutoCAD and it looks Ok.


    It appears that this is a Mac only(on Windows it works Ok) drawing issue that I'll report to the guys that work on drawing. You can avoid the issue by saving as .vwx the imported file immediately after the end of DWG import process (do not change view) and close the saved file. Than open it and everything will look as expected.   


    Best regards,


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  3. 14 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    I can understand this for "IFC Entities",

    as those shouldn't be manipulated after import by design.

    But for a standard Import like Revit, DWG, DXF, .... ?


    Revit import is not a standard import; it is more like IFC import. The goal is to have parametric object at the end, which is currently limited by the present ODA Platform implementation. We add to the created on import Revit Entities all available parameters and also the necessary IFC records so that entity could be properly exported to IFC. But if you wish, you could ungroup the entities.


    25 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    The Symbols I get in from Revit,

    when I do any Manipulation and leave Edit Mode,

    always bring a Warning that there is anything wrong in its content

    and VW asks about deleting it.


    This issue is something that we are currently working on.


    26 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    As my Glass Panels in Curtain Walls are all just the same Symbol,

    no matter which opening size they are in.


    This again is caused by ODA library limitations.

  4. Hi @ptoner ,


    Thanks for sending me your file! It is saved with 2D active view (Sheet) which causes problems to Revit Import sometimes. The best approach for Revit Import is to save Revit file in Default 3D View ( for example: {3D} View ) and to use default import options. If you want, I can save and send it back to you, your file in 3D View, so that you can use it.


    On 3/22/2018 at 8:54 PM, John Meunier said:

    perhaps VW's in the future can provide more information with their pop up, with reasons why its not supported.

    And we will add more information to our error messages.


    Best Regards,


  5. 10 hours ago, Art V said:

    , but with Publish I do get a folder anyway despite the settings.


    Yes, you always will get folders for DWGs on Publish, because

    18 hours ago, Vasil Kitanov said:

    This additional folder is used to separate the sheet layers or saved views with same names from the different documents


    The option "Create Folder for Each File Type" creates or removes file type folder such as DWG_DXF, PDF, DWF, Image. Folders for the documents are not controlled by this option.


    Best Regards,


  6. 3 hours ago, Vasil Kitanov said:

    On Publish you will have only a folder for the document (folder, named after the VW document name). This additional folder is used to separate the sheet layers or saved views with same names from the different documents (and as a matter of fact, in case sheet layer names are same for two published document, currently PDFs and Image files will be overwritten, which is not correct, so we should actually add a folder for the different documents for the PDFs and Image files too).


    Plus if you uncheck "Export Complex Line Types as Blocks" you will create .shx files for the line types which will require creating folder. This option must be set to On if you do not want folders on Export DWG (not Publish - Publish explanation is above). Please, look at the image attached by Bertf.


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