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  1. Hy, i've a problem if i will rotate a 6-light PAR64 bar, only one PAR64 will turn 😕 What did i wrong? BR
  2. Hy! i‘ve cretated a stage and put it in the cloud server to create a AR Nomad model. If i open it on my new ipad pro as an 3d model the app crashes and if i use the AR view it will stop working did anyone als know that problem? How can i fix it?
  3. Hy! Did anybody find a method to set the correct angle of the linearraysystems for the drawings? Because as a hybrid symbol i cannot rotate it BR Daniel
  4. Hy! We have tested a beta version of the new plugin, but it didn't work MA will need to make some changes Until they are implemented you need to make the export on with Version 2017
  5. Hy we use until now a HP Z600 double CPU workstation with 2 x Xeon Hexacore with 2,66 GHz, 48 GB Ram, Win 10 and Geforce Nvidia GTX 1070 TI OC+ GTX 960TI OC. The performance is very bad, no fluend work possible in 3D and combonations in 2D + 3D Files! Also it takes to long to change from wire to open gl and this require to much time the vw support answer us today that vw 2017 will only use one thread and rw max 2 so what would be the best configuration for fluend work for a new workstation? THX and BR from austria
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