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  1. Also suffering with this issue. It seems to happen only with boolean solids objects that are clip-cubed in renderworks.
  2. Great! now I get it. I didn't realise I had to set the preference for all the objects I create in the PIO. Thanks!!!
  3. thank you both for the quick answer. Maybe my question was not very clear (English is not my mother language). What I was trying to ask, in fact, is how to implement inside the code of a PIO, to redraw itself according to the layer or viewport detail level. I program my custom door and wardrobe objects and I would like to get them displayed according to the detail level of the viewport or scale of te parent layer.
  4. hi, does anyone know how to implement detail level inside a PIO? Cannot find any function related to detail level in VW2019. thanks
  5. I came across this issue and found this thread looking for a solution. The answer is directly in VW2019 help at this link: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm?#t=VW2019_Guide%2FViewports1%2FSection_Line_Instances.htm%23XREF_61030_Section_Line It is clearly explained, even though the handling of section line instances is not very intuitive. Attached is a screen capture to show the section line instances dialog where you can activate the section lines PIO in any layer or viewport.
  6. Still mac only. I 'disconnected' from windows since version 2012 and I have no time to catch up with development in both platforms.
  7. Thomas, I am Manuel, the developer of VectorBits plugins. I have received a message from Tolu, writing to me about the problem with the Quick Align tool and the undo system. I was aware of the problem back on october and I immediately updated all of my tools, but unfortunately I missed to upload the Quick Align tool to my site. I didn't receive any direct complaints from the users so I wasn't aware of this problem until Tolu wrote to me. I am sorry for all the headaches this issue has caused you and other users. Now I have uploaded the correct version of the Quick Align tool in case you want to give it a try. sorry again.
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