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    Big undo issue.

    Still mac only. I 'disconnected' from windows since version 2012 and I have no time to catch up with development in both platforms.
  2. VectorBits.org

    Big undo issue.

    Thomas, I am Manuel, the developer of VectorBits plugins. I have received a message from Tolu, writing to me about the problem with the Quick Align tool and the undo system. I was aware of the problem back on october and I immediately updated all of my tools, but unfortunately I missed to upload the Quick Align tool to my site. I didn't receive any direct complaints from the users so I wasn't aware of this problem until Tolu wrote to me. I am sorry for all the headaches this issue has caused you and other users. Now I have uploaded the correct version of the Quick Align tool in case you want to give it a try. sorry again.


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