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  1. I just tried the zoom tool in VectorWorks, which I have never used. I've only ever relied on the mouse for zooming. The zoom tool is similar, will just take some getting used to. Still wondering if anyone had any luck configuring the expert mouse to zoom.
  2. Hi All, So suddenly the zoom function on my expert mouse stopped working yesterday. To recap, I was able to hold down the two lower buttons while moving the track ball to zoom in and out. I just updated to the latest Kensington Trackball works software and can't seem to get that function back. I have not called Kensington yet but they were'nt very helpful two years ago. Anyone else, performing the zoom function like that in VectorWorks and what settings did you use? Or, how else do you zoom with your expert mouse or otherwise?
  3. I am new to the rendering/3D modeling aspect of Vectorworks but Im having trouble with textures. I have a wall where my siding is shown correct and is vertical. I duplicated and edited that wall type to add CMU. On this new wall, the siding is horizontal. I don't understand why or how it changed when I duplicated it from a wall that had vertical siding. I also don't know how to fix this. Also another texture question. When I added texture to my roofs, it appeared on the underside and I couldn't figure out how to make it show on the exterior, top side.
  4. If you set the bottom two buttons to "auto scroll" which is under more/navigation. You can hold them down while moving the trackball to zoom in and out. By far, my favorite way to zoom. I am SOOO happy I went through the settings once more and I found it. The mystery command that two Kensington tech support people said didn't exist
  5. Hmmm. Okay. Well thanks Bob. Good luck with the TrackballWorks update!
  6. Hi Bob, Thanks for the profile suggestions and replying to my post. I will have to spend a little time familiarizing myself with the VectorWorks board. I quickly created an account as a last ditch effort yesterday to try to solve my expert mouse issue. I'm on OS 10.11.6, VW 2017 and Trackball Works 1.3.0. I just updated my OS and Trackball works after this problem started. Restarting was the first thing I tried and it help. Are you familiar with the zoom function that I referred to though? Holding down both bottom buttons and using the track ball to zoom in and out? Are you able to walk me through resetting the buttons to function that way? Kensington tech support told me the function I'm describing never existed which is beyond frustrating. They helped me set up another way to zoom using the control button and scroll wheel but I don't like this at all.
  7. Up until yesterday I was able to hold down my bottom buttons and move the track ball to zoom in and out. Suddenly this function was not working anymore. After two unsuccessful and frustrating calls to Kensington Tech Support I thought Id reach out on here to see if any VectorWorks/Kensington users are able to help. I have updated my trackball works software, uninstalled and reinstalled, also called VectorWorks tech support which confirmed it was not a VectorWorks issue.
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