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  1. hi! can anyone help? i've just installed the vectorworks 9.5.3 update as well as the dongle drivers. everything is working fine in the classic (OS9) environment of OSX but if i try to run vectorworks in the full OSX environment a serial number input box appears. if i enter the serial number i usually use it comes back as being invalid. help please!
  2. There is no trim command in the pull down menu in my version of vectorworks, i.e. Vectorworks 9.0.1. Bosco
  3. Hi Katie, I am using the tool as there is no trim command in the pull-down menus that I can find- closest thing I see is the join command. Bosco.
  4. Hi all, I have a number of queries regarding the trim tool and it's efficiency, or lack of... Firstly, i cannot seem to find a way to specify a particular line to trim other lines to. Instead, the lines i select are trimmed at the nearest available line. Secondly, many lines simply delete altogether when I apply the trim tool to them. Thirdly, there doesn't seem to be any way to make a multiple selection of lines to be trimmed. Any suggestions, Bosco.
  5. Hello, I have just upgraded from Vectorworks 8.0.1 to Vectorworks 9.5.1.Unfortunately, one of my favourite tools, the Extend Tool, doesn't seem to exist. Can someone help? If it has been dispensed with, then why? Thanks, Bosco.
  6. I have a problem with arcs. When I draw, for example, a door or bath etc. in plan, I group all of the elements of the door, including the door swing, i.e. an arc. Then, when an entire floor plan has been drawn, I group all of that together, incorporating all of the smaller groups (doors, toilets, baths). This is where the problem starts! When I moved the floor plan, all of the arcs stayed where they were, but when I undid this, they all movedaway, the same distance that I'd moved the floor plan in the first place. Now I have a floor plan without arcs- they are all off in the distance. The weird thing is that they are still part of all the little groups they were in originallyso that all of my doors appear as stretched groups now with the door leaf and frame in one place and the door swing miles away. Please help! [ 06-25-2002: Message edited by: bosco ]
  7. First of all I'd like to say that it's very nice to be here on the boards. My query is probably a common one... an architectural drawing i did recently using Vectorworks 8 plotted with strange, thick lines projecting from almost every arc in the drawing. There seems to be at least two of these lines per arc. I have tried printing the drawing three times now and each time it comes out with new lines. Absolutely none of these lines are viewable on screen. They simply appear in the printed version. Can anyone help with this annoying problem. It would be much appreciated. ps. I am using a HP Designjet 430 plotter. Thank you.


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