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  1. I can see how the cased opening could work. How do you get it to be represented correctly in the door & window schedule? So for example if the intent is two 2640 windows factory mulled together, you inset 2 windows and a cased opening. How do you represent this with one window call out and show the correct size and type in the window schedule? The schedule with recognize the record format for the two windows and the cased opening, so how do you represent all of this as a unit?
  2. Thank you very much for the help. I edited the criterial and got it to work. The criteria includes: record- door- is present layer- is - Floor A- Upper layer- is - Floor B- Lower and similarly for the unit B and C floor plans.
  3. Our office is doing a residential development with 3 model plan types. We have all three plans drawn and set up in one VW file. How can we differentiate between the different plan types for the door and window schedules? So all of the doors and windows for unit A on the Unit A door and window schedule, same with plan B & C. Right now the schedule recognizes all of the doors and windows in the file. So all of my door for unit B and C are on my Unit A door schedule. The different plan types are on different design layers. I tried editing the criteria in the schedule to the refer to a specific design layer, but it list over 300 items (and I do not have 300 doors). Any suggestions out there?
  4. I am having an issue with Design Reverence Viewports disappearing. I have the survey topo drawing, an external file, referenced into my drawing with a design reference viewport (x-ref). When I import it everything is fine. I come back to the drawing later and the reference is not viable. The file is still there, but nothing is viable. I can hover over it and see the crop box and can even select it. All of the appropriate classes and layers are turned on. I can even double click on the reference viewport and open the original topo file and everything is there. I go back to the main file and nothing. Any suggestions / solutions?


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