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  1. Ok, thanks. Well all of the sudden my walls and roof is back. Didnt do anything. Another question, is i possible to mark a class so it dont render in final quality?.
  2. Hi. So im rather new. All of the sudden when i press final quality renderworks, only one class shows up. is there a setting i accedently turned on?
  3. ok, thanks you. I've send them a mail
  4. Unified View is enabled. and ive set automatic in the 3D view. it still ends up "at the bottom".
  5. Hey Jim, thanks for the fast reply. Some how i cant select automatic when i use the rectangle tool. Ive tried both with screen plane and layer plane. Its the same result i get. the square ends up on the bottom.. I feel like there is something basic i dont understand / catch in the earlier tutorials?
  6. thank you all for your replies. ive started learning the program. atm im broke as... broke can be.. so all the pay to play solutions are a bit out of my reach. Thanks to all who chipped in with their surgestions
  7. Hey, and thanks for clicking. I am totally new to VW, and i need to learn to use VW before the end of july since im starting at a job where i promised id learn VW before i start... VW seems wierd to me. im going through the tutorials, and im at the end of the SkatePark tutorial, atm. creating the gazebo.. Here is my problem... When i follow the instructions, the objects i create, they keep beeing created at the "bottom ground floor". In the video the guy just creates squares and what not with ease, not having to replace the object to the right surface. Ive attached an image to show what i mean. Ive tried both making the cube in layer Workplane, and in Screen Workplanne.. it still ends up at the bottom.... http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides/freeform-modeling/gazebo This is the link to the toturial... please help... im going crazy -.-
  8. As the title says, i need to learn Vectorworks. I just dont know where the best place is to find online training. Ive looked at Lynda, but they only have a 2hours course. There is the http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides But as the title says, its for getting started. there is youtube, but i havent had any luck finding a VW master to learn from. So any and all linked to learning sites for Vectorworks is greatly appreciated. Both subscribtions sites, free-to-learrn, as well as youtube channels. Thanks for taking a look at my post
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