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  1. Chris, I admittedly use walls for things they are not intended for. I draw shop drawings of stairs and rails and use walls for the railing parts (posts, rails, pickets, etc.). when a pipe rail ends, it is nice to use the round cap to show that it is returning directly behind the rail. For example when a wall rail returns to the wall at the end of the run. Walls are nice to use for this purpose as the joining properties clean up the joints without a lot of trimming on my part.
  2. I use round wall caps for 2D work everyday and would hate to see them removed.
  3. You can also drag the icon off the dialog and release it. It goes into some black hole. Eric
  4. In WinXP: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map This handy little tool will display all displayable characters in each font. Eric
  5. Also this did not happen with VW v10.x only with v11.x
  6. I have the NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL. I don't have the same issues JX1BR59 has, but when I zoom in and out with the mouse 'ctrl' wheel the background of the VW window (not the drawing area) goes black, so that I cannot see or read the menus. If the window is not maximized, the whole window will grow and shrink instead of zooming the drawing area.
  7. Try the following (Alt 0167) (Alt 0171) (Alt 0172) (Alt 0241) (Alt 0253) The characters will change depending on the Font used. I use Arial and the following: ?(Alt 0177) ?(Alt 0176) ?(Alt 0216) Eric
  8. Katie, Don't know if your last post was for me or JX1BR59, but here is my setup: WinXP SP1 (Haven't installed SP2 yet because I understand that it breaks VW v10.x) 2G RAM with 2 monitors NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL driver v4.3.5.1 I have been having other problems with this driver unrelated to VW, but have been waiting for VW 12 this fall to update my whole system. I chimed in this thread because of the similarity of the NVIDIA cards, not because I expect NNA to help me with my problems until I upgrade everything. But thanks for your interest.
  9. To change the length of a wall with the mouse, you have to have the 'Enable Interactive Scaling Mode' button in the mode tool bar enabled. Then when you hover of the end point of a wall you get the double arrow instead of the crossed arrows. Left Click and drag. Just make sure only one wall is selected or you will get unexpected results. Eric
  10. I think NNA did a wonderful job with 'live sections'. I don't see how - from the demo - that a first version could be any better. It seems to me that some posters have a different definition of what 'live' means. NNA has provided sections that update when the geometry updates, or a live update. Some users seem to think that 'live' means that anything sectioned should look like a real world object, regardless that they did not model the object in a real world way. i.e. with textures on all surfaces, and all the 3D geometry required to make an object as close to real world as possible. One future improvement could be to add more than just surface textures to objects. It would be to add a 'materials' parameter to objects. These would define what hatch or texture would show in a sectioned surface. Just dreaming...
  11. Thank you, will go get it. I am having the same problem on XP by the way. Eric
  12. Hi, I am having problems printing to my new HP 1220cse. Whenever I try to print VW blows up and I lose communication with the printer. I am running on Win2000 SP2The printer is plugged in via USB and works with all other applications. Any ideas? Eric
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