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  1. Hello, We can't reach https://partners.vectorworks.net it gets 504 Gateway Time-out, even https://status.vectorworks.net gets the same! Thanks, Basem
  2. Hi,


    We can't reach https://partners.vectorworks.net it gets "504 Gateway Time-out", even https://status.vectorworks.net gets the same!




  3. Found VW between BIMcollab Issue Management Tools https://www.bimcollab.com/en/go/assign-track-and-solve-bim-issues-even-faster And Connect Navisworks https://www.bimcollab.com/en/go/connect-navisworks-to-bim-software or Solibri https://www.bimcollab.com/en/go/connect-solibri-model-checker-to-bim-software Is Vectorworks supported now?
  4. Would it be a VW - DALUX plugin as the one for Revit and Archicad? https://www.dalux.com/bim-viewer/#more
  5. @MFpsrig I understand your needs and situation! As we plan the training, we'll include the different parts of advanced 3D-modelling in VW, importing and using STEP files, creating your own parts-library of symbols and attaching the BIM data to them - to have it all in one powerful and still flexible package!
  6. @klinzey Do you have a Dongle? MA requires the use of a Vision dongle in order to enable the MA connection driver. Kevin, is that apply to Vision 2020? What about the free 2 universes for Spotlight VSS-users?
    This is a great one 😊 Wish to add the possibility of adjusting the bottom offset to a 3D object! Thanks, Basem
  7. Yes, please! Otherwise, update/change the thumbnails of Object Styles because It's currently misleading in Resource Manager. The user tries a lot to get that presentation which is NOT possible.
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